Louisiana pushes for study on abortion pill reversal

Louisiana pushes for study on abortion pill reversal

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On Monday, the Louisiana House of Representatives voted unanimously for a resolution calling on the Department of Health and Hospitals to study the effectiveness of abortion pill reversal. It now goes to the Senate for their vote.

“We wanted to make sure it works,” bill sponsor Rep. Frank Hoffmann (R) said of his decision to push for a study before mandating that abortionists inform their patients of reversal. Abortion advocates have opposed mandates in other states by characterizing abortion pill reversal as “junk science.”

Hoffmann says the push was originally inspired by hearing Abortion Pill Reversal medical director George Delgado report a 55% success rate for the procedure at the state Right to Life Conference.

He further argued that as long as abortion pill reversal has a sound medical basis, requiring information on it should be no more controversial than any number of existing informational requirements.

The abortion pill procedure is explained in the video below by former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino:

Last week, Live Action News detailed how a total of 175 babies so far have been successfully saved by abortion pill reversal, which consists of administering enough progesterone to counteract the progesterone-blocking effects of the RU-486 abortion pill (mifepristone).

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