Dismemberment abortion ban clears Louisiana House committee

Dismemberment abortion ban clears Louisiana House committee

On Wednesday, the Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee approved a bill that would ban D&E abortions, also known as dismemberment abortions.

State Rep. Mike Johnson, the bill’s author, describes the dismemberment abortion as “barbaric.” Opponents of the ban claim that it will likely face challenges in court, as it would “limit women’s access to abortion,” leaving them with “fewer options to end their pregnancies legally after the 12th to 14th week.” But Johnson countered critics of the bill by arguing that the bill is constitutional, and that even some current Supreme Court justices who are staunchly pro-abortion have spoken against dismemberment abortions.

During a dismemberment abortion, the abortionist pulls apart the baby with a clamp, extracting the remains piece by piece, according to former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino:

“Reach in again, pull again, and pull out an arm…Sometimes a little face comes out and stares at you,” said Levatino, describing the procedure before the House Judiciary Committee. “Congratulations! You just performed a D&E abortion. You just affirmed your right to choose.”

A similar bill banning dismemberment abortions was signed into law last week in Mississippi. Planned Parenthood has made a point to avoid discussing the actual facts surrounding dismemberment abortions, instead dismissing bans on the procedure as “a clear attack on women’s health care.”

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