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WATCH: Jessica had no support at all when she became pregnant. Then a miracle happened.

Jessica Barnes was a 21-year-old college student when she learned she was pregnant. She struggled with the idea of having an abortion but felt guilty about having a child when she had no money and no home. After rescheduling her abortion multiple times, she begged God to tell her what to do, and He stepped in to prevent her abortion from happening.

“I had met an older guy. When I found out the guy that had got me pregnant had a drug addiction — there was really no chance of me relying on him at all, and so I’m really alone in this,” she explained in a video for Live Action. “I wasn’t in communication with my father at that point and my mother had died. I have no money. I have no home. I would be living off of food stamps. I live in Hawaii, one of the most expensive states in the entire world to live in. I’m young. I’m in college. I have no experience with children. I was just the perfect person that Planned Parenthood would suggest to have an abortion.”

Jessica felt that there was no hope for her. She felt immense guilt about bringing a child into the world when she had no money and no home. She scheduled an abortion but said she “hated” herself for it. She canceled the appointment, then rescheduled, then canceled, then rescheduled a third and fourth time. For the fourth appointment, the clinic staff “aggressively” told her she could not cancel again or she would have to have the baby because she was approaching the cut-off date for a legal abortion.



She begged God for help. “I told God, ‘I need you to physically stop me because from what my human eyes can see, I don’t see a way,” she said. […] “‘You need to physically send down the angels and stop me because I don’t want to do this but I don’t see a way out.”

On the way to the abortion appointment, the car her baby’s father was driving went down the highway exit ramp and spun out of control. As the car stopped, they realized they had a flat tire and pulled over. When he went to get the new spare tire out of the trunk, it was also deflated.

Jessica looked up at a large clock on a building, and it was 15 minutes beyond her appointment time. She had missed her final abortion appointment.

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“I’ve asked God for signs many times. He’s given me nudges and things like that but nothing like the Holy Spirit that I experienced that day,” said Jessica. “I was at complete peace and I was like, ‘Get in the car. I’m not having this abortion.’ And I never hesitated after that and I never regretted any second after that moment.”

Since that day, God brought a lot of women into her life who had been through similar circumstances. She found support and she gave birth to a boy, Ezekial, who is a sweet, generous soul.

“Ezekial is the most selfless person I’ve ever met,” she said. “When we pass anyone unfortunate on the side of the room, he tells me, ‘Mom, we have to feed that person; we have to help them.’ […]  He’s my child but he’s constantly teaching me things and he’s just a blessing. God fought for him and I pray that he does great things and that he shows everyone the love of God.”

You can read more about Jessica and Ezekial at Live Action News here.

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