Hillary Clinton calls supporting Planned Parenthood “pro-family”

On Tuesday night, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responded to her Republican competitors debating on Fox Business Network by declaring that “supporting Planned Parenthood” is “really pro-family.”

Abortion was not among the questions posed to the GOP contenders (though Dr. Ben Carson mentioned the preborn in his closing statement). The former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State leveled the charge in response to candidates’ claims that their tax plans would most benefit families. “What’s really pro-family: Supporting equal pay, paid leave, affordable child care, and Planned Parenthood,” she tweeted.

Clinton is a 100% pro-abortion candidate who decried regulation of Planned Parenthood as “big government” in the first Democrat debate, has called investigations of the abortion giant for selling aborted babies’ organs a “witch hunt,” and compared pro-life candidates’ views to what “we expect… from some of the terrorist groups.”

She is also the third-highest recipient of donations from Planned Parenthood, receiving more than $46,000 over the course of her career, and her campaign employs Lily Adams, daughter of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, as Iowa press secretary.


While the Democratic frontrunner describes Planned Parenthood as “pro-family,” pro-lifers note the organization’s opposition to laws granting parents the right to know about or consent to their minor daughters seeking abortions.

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