Hillary Clinton: Congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood a "witch hunt"

Hillary Clinton: Congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood a “witch hunt”

As Live Action News has previously reported, the House of Representatives has created a committee designed to investigate the grisly practices of big abortion providers, especially Planned Parenthood.

On Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rushed to the aid of Planned Parenthood yet again, this time in a speech at a women’s forum.

In her speech, Clinton claims the creation of a special committee to investigate Planned Parenthood is “just code for a partisan witch hunt.” She goes on to defend Planned Parenthood by discussing “the mom who caught her cancer early thanks to a screening at Planned Parenthood,” and “the young woman who avoided an unintended pregnancy because she did have access to birth control.”

Immediately after telling these brief stories, Clinton went on to completely change the subject by bringing up equal pay for women and paid maternity leave, as a justification for “playing the gender card.”

Once again, Hillary Clinton has chosen to ignore the real reason for investigations into Planned Parenthood: the organization’s illegal actions, some of which have been recently captured on video. And once again, she is attempting to divert attention from the problematic issue by shamelessly relating it to issues on which she can fare better, such as equal pay for women.

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