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Hiccups and kicks: Baby’s precious pre-birth milestones

Life inside the womb is full of precious milestones. While stages of development are often marked by moments such as the first heartbeat (22 days post-fertilization), first kick, determination of gender, or the ever-debatable “viability,” there are countless sweet and happy milestone moments happening in the womb just as they happen after birth. Live Action’s “Baby Olivia” showcases some of those precious moments.


Around just seven and a half weeks after fertilization, a preborn child will experience hiccups for the first time. At some point during pregnancy, her mother will begin to feel her baby hiccup as well — one of many sweet moments between mother and child during pregnancy.



Thumb sucking

Some babies seem like they are born sucking their thumbs while others never take up the habit. But those that do likely didn’t start at birth, but while still in their mothers’ wombs. At just nine weeks post-fertilization, some preborn babies are already sucking their thumbs. At this age, they’re also already learning to grasp objects.

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Eleven weeks after she first came into existence, a preborn child is already behaving like a child, exploring her natural environment in the womb. Babies can be seen on an ultrasound at this age kicking and moving quite actively.

Prelude to first words

At 18 weeks, speaking movements can be seen in a preborn child’s voicebox as she prepares to make her first adorable sounds outside the womb. Someday, those first speaking movements will allow her to talk her parents’ ears off and she weaves stories and tales for them and recounts her favorite movies. The beginning of her sweet voice and laugh occurred before she was born.

second trimester


Our lives don’t begin when we emerge from the womb, they begin long before birth. The first milestones, the first moments of bonding with our mothers and fathers, the first cute memories all took place while we were in the womb.

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