Black pro-life woman inspired by abolitionist Harriet Tubman to rescue babies from abortion

Image: Pro-life Black leader Catherine Davis on how abortion affects the Black community (Image Facing Life Now)

The great abolitionist Harriet Tubman, a former slave who risked her life as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, is the inspiration behind a strong Black pro-life woman’s desire to rescue babies and their mothers from abortion.

Catherine Davis, founder and president of The Restoration Project, spoke with Live Action News and told us she is not ashamed to speak against abortion and expose how the industry targets the Black community. Tubman is Davis’s motivation because, she says, “Tubman returned into the South to rescue slaves. She went back to free them, she refused to leave them in bondage. And, I refuse to leave women in bondage to this abortion ideology that is literally killing them.”

Davis told Live Action News, “I want to rescue the babies and I want to rescue the mamas.”

Davis believes the American pro-life movement needs to fully understand the gravity of missing 60 million people killed by abortion. As a Black woman, Davis is particularly concerned about the disproportionate way abortion targets communities of color. She blaming the eugenic mindset, which she feels laid the foundation for abortion. She told Live Action News:

We are talking about missing people. People who should be here but because we have a culture of devaluing life they are not here. And every time we try and protect infant life, the abortion lobby spends millions of dollars to block our messaging and make it seem like we are denying women something. Now, we have a culture that believes a lie – that it is ‘your right to kill your children.’ You even ask when that baby becomes a person and they say that human life moving inside them is not a person. Which is the same argument that caused slavery to last as long as it did with the dehumanizing of slaves.

Davis also points to Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, whose board was loaded with like-minded eugenics leaders. Eugenics support permeated Planned Parenthood well past Sanger’s days. As a result, the Black abortion rate is now 3.8 times higher than the White abortion rate and 2.15 times higher than the Hispanic abortion rate. The most current CDC report for 2016 reveals that while Black people made up just 12 percent of the U.S. population, Black women accounted for 38 percent of all reported abortions.

Image: CDC Abortion by race and ethnicity in 2016 reveals a high Black abortion rate

CDC Abortion by race and ethnicity in 2016 reveals a high Black abortion rate

“When you look around you see that this devaluing of life is spilling to every part of the Black community… and disproportionately impacting the Black community,” said Davis. “We are buying into the population control lie…. Planned Parenthood is deliberate in their targeting and they are succeeding — how else do we account for the millions of lives lost? Even if you believe in choice, that’s not natural because if it was the same, percentages would hold true in the other racial communities. ”

To counter this, Davis has been reaching out to Black churches since 1987. “If you look at the Black community historically, our churches have always been the center of influence. So if you want to persuade the Black community on any topic you need to reach them.”

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Davis later teamed up with Frederick Douglas Institute founder Dean Nelson, and the two began interacting with the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) in 2015, attending their convocations, their conventions, teaching classes and speaking out. Davis regularly host teas for pastor’s wives and women of influence where she invites experts to discuss various areas of abortion. She then gives a history of Planned Parenthood and how they have targeted the Black community.

“Going to the church, going to the pastors is a natural act for us….The problem is that the overall culture is preaching a different message than the pro-life community. Planned Parenthood preaches abortion is a civil right. They basically hijacked the civil rights lingo.”


Davis has observed that, because of Planned Parenthood’s targeting of the Black community, many pastors and pastor’s wives have also participated in abortion, which further inhibits them from speaking out. Davis makes a point to pray with Black women — especially those who may have participated in an abortion. “Hopefully they will join us on the battlefield and begin talking about it more themselves, getting women in their congregations healed and encouraging their husbands to talk about it.”

COGIC Black Pastors and Bishops pray outside Planned Parenthood

Davis says the abortion lobby is getting more bold in its targeting. She pointed to an article in the Richmond-Times Dispatch which reported how Planned Parenthood is planning a $5 million investment in the city, which is “home to some of the city’s poorest residents.”

“They are getting more and more bold,” said Davis. “They are not even trying to hide that they are targeting Black women and their babies and building a new facility, going from five surgical rooms to 12. Is the demand that great?” she asked.

Davis is stalwart despite what she calls “suppression” of the pro-life Black voice by the main stream media. But she is also grieved for each precious life lost. She told Live Action News:

It becomes almost a burden — this heavy weight just weighs on you. It just makes me weep. I feel their absence. They should have been here with us and are not because we have a culture today that says they have no value. Just call me Harriet. I am going to rescue as many babies as I can from the insatiable jaws of abortion, because the more children we abort, the more they want to kill. Just like slaves on the auction block, Planned Parenthood is selling the bodies of little Black and brown children to the highest bidder….

Davis added, “When do we say enough is enough and when are we going to stop allowing our children to be dismembered in the name of reproductive rights? So, yes, call me Harriet. I will rescue as many children as I can.”

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