TRAGIC: Black women abort at almost four times the rate of white women

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At a time when abortion industry leader Planned Parenthood is gearing up to again promote an abortion agenda involving women of color, the Centers for Disease Control has released data showing that the Black abortion rate is currently 3.8 times greater than the white abortion rate and 2.15 times higher than the Hispanic abortion rate.

These numbers reveal how abortion is disproportionately targeting the Black community.

Although two agencies have recently published national abortion data — Guttmacher (2017) and CDC (2016) — only the CDC has at this time updated its data on race and ethnicity.

The CDC reports that, for its most recently reported year (2016):

  • Non-Hispanic Black women accounted for 38% of all reported abortions.
  • Non-Hispanic white women accounted for 35% of all reported abortions.
  • Hispanic women accounted for 18.8% of all reported abortions.
  • Other races accounted for 8.2% of all reported abortions.

Despite the Black community making up just 12 percent of the U.S. population, Black women also had the highest number of reported abortions out of the 32 reporting areas, according to the CDC (see both charts below).

CDC abortions

The CDC data also reveals that the Black abortion rate (abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years) exceeded all other races:

  • Black abortion rate: 25.1
  • Hispanic abortion rate: 11.7
  • White abortion rate: 6.6

This means that the Black abortion rate was 3.8 times higher than the white abortion rate (25.1 v. 6.6) and 2.15 times higher than the Hispanic abortion rate (25.1 v. 11.7).

Image: CDC Abortions by race ethnicity 2016 Black Hispanic

CDC Abortions by race ethnicity 2016 Black abortion rate ratio

Using just the 32 reporting areas for race/ethnicity, CDC also noted that Blacks had the highest abortion ratio (abortions per 1,000 live births):

  • Black: 401 
  • Hispanic: 156
  • White: 109
  • Other: 207

This means that the Black abortion ratio was nearly 3.7 times higher than the white abortion ratio (401 v. 109) and more than 2.5 times higher than Hispanic abortion ratio (401 v. 156).


Just as the Black community has been targeted in the past by predatory industries including Big Tobacco and alcohol, today, the pro-life community can document the clear and disproportionate way abortion targets the Black community. Notable Black leaders of the past — Fannie Lou HamerDr. Mildred JeffersonDr. Dolores Bernadette GrierIowa Rep. June FranklinErma Clardy Craven, and even comedian Dick Gregory — warned us that abortion would become a tool of Black genocide.

If we estimate the total number of abortions by extrapolating using the CDC’s percentages for race/ethnicity and multiplying it against reported abortions in all 48 reporting areas: (623,471 reported in 2016 x Non-Hispanic black abortion percentage of 38%) = 236,919 (estimated) abortions annually. Live Action News also previously documented that in 2016:

  • Black people made up just 12 percent of the U.S. population but accounted for 38 percent of reported abortions.
  • Black abortions (236,919 estimated) outnumbered the top nine leading causes of death (235,139) for Black Americans combined.
  • Estimated Black abortion numbers were 24 times greater than homicides committed on Black Americans (236,919 v. 9,860) that same year.

Nationally, in 2016 there were 558,622 live births to non-Hispanic Black women (1,530 live births per day), while that same year and estimated 649 Black babies were killed by abortion. In just one year, abortion snuffs out approximately the same number as those gathered to listen to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s (MLK) iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. Tragically, due to ongoing targeting of Black babies by abortion, we now estimate that between 2010 and 2016, over 1.7 million Black babies lost their lives to abortion.

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