4 reasons women can’t trust Planned Parenthood

We are constantly told that Planned Parenthood is devoted to serving women and safeguarding women’s health. According to its supporters, Planned Parenthood not only performs abortions, it also provides other gynecological services, does cancer screenings, and in general, is irreplaceable when it comes to women’s health. But women shouldn’t buy into the hype — Planned Parenthood is one organization that no woman should ever trust. Here are four reasons why.

1. Planned Parenthood pressures, manipulates, and lies to women.

Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion, so that’s what the organization wants any woman who comes through its doors to have. And its employees do whatever they have to do in order to make that happen, including through manipulative, deceptive counseling and outright lies. Planned Parenthood is known to use manipulation on patients, a practice that has been going on for decades. If a young girl comes in to the clinic, staffers will work to encourage negative feelings towards the girl’s parents so she feels like she has no choice but to have an abortion in secret. They will push abortion onto women who come into the clinic – even if the staffers are told that the women are undecided – telling them all the ways a baby will ruin their lives. Patients have also said that the counseling they received there simply consisted of five short questions — and that they are lied to about the possible risks that come with having an abortion.

Many patients have said that they received no counseling at all. And Planned Parenthood didn’t feel counseling was necessary at all for victims of rape, who are obviously going through one of the most traumatic experiences of their lives, and therefore are arguably more in need of counseling than anyone else — but to Planned Parenthood, it’s a senseless delay. They just want the woman to get the abortion and get out, and not take up too much time with questions or worries or doubts.

But what makes it all even worse is that the counseling women get at Planned Parenthood is deceptive. A Live Action undercover investigation found that Planned Parenthood routinely lies to women, giving them medically inaccurate information, and will not give her the scientific facts about her own pregnancy.

Women can’t trust an organization that will pressure, manipulate, and lie to them in order to achieve their own goals.

2. Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion, not health care.

Planned Parenthood likes to tell women that they provide vital health care services that cannot be received anywhere else. But, as usual, that is a lie. Planned Parenthood is vastly outnumbered by comprehensive health clinics that provide the care that Planned Parenthood won’t. That’s right: that Planned Parenthood won’t.

Under Cecile Richards’ leadership as Planned Parenthood’s president and CEO, health care has taken a beating at Planned Parenthood. Breast exams, cancer screenings and prevention services, prenatal services, adoption screenings, pap smears: all drastically declined over the years. But abortion has skyrocketed, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood has been seeing fewer patients. Planned Parenthood likes to claim that they are a health care provider, but a breakdown of the services they provide makes it overwhelmingly clear: their business is abortion, not health care.


And sure, that would theoretically be fine… if it wasn’t for the fact that Planned Parenthood repeatedly lies about the services they provide — like the now infamous mammogram lie — and aims to trick women into coming through their doors. Women are told that Planned Parenthood is somewhere they can go to get affordable health care, but Planned Parenthood’s health care services are practically non-existent. All Planned Parenthood really wants to do is to trick women into trusting them, so that later, they can prey on those women if they found themselves in a crisis pregnancy.

3. Planned Parenthood will cover up rape, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking.

Women may think that if they’re being coerced into an abortion, they can go to Planned Parenthood and get help. Sadly, they’re wrong: Planned Parenthood will help their rapist or abuser force them to have an abortion, pocket the money, and deliver the victim right back into the hands of their abuser.

Multiple Live Action investigations have found that Planned Parenthood is willing to cover up child rape and sex trafficking. Multiple clinics across the country were found to be willing to cover up sexual abuse, ignore mandatory reporting laws, and give underage girls instruction on how to get around parental consent laws — even though the girls told the Planned Parenthood staffers that they were engaging in statutory rape. Multiple clinics across the country were also found to be willing to aid and abet sex trafficking, even the sex trafficking of children, by giving STD checks, birth control, and abortions to the girls before handing them back to their traffickers.

While these undercover investigations were horrifying, even worse is the fact that there are so many real-life examples as well. In Philadelphia, a Planned Parenthood clinic was caught hiding the statutory rape of multiple young girls, one being as young as 11. When a teenage runaway was abducted and impregnated by a 41-year-old man, Adam Gault, Planned Parenthood performed an abortion on her and then handed her right back to Gault, never alerting the authorities. A 13-year-old girl in California was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather, who took her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, and their staffers never reported the crime. They did make sure to perform the abortion, though. Another girl in California, this time 11, was raped by her 17-year-old boyfriend and needed an abortion. Once again, Planned Parenthood did not report the crime. Two Ohio teenagers have also sued Planned Parenthood independently of each other, both because they were victims of rape, and both times, Planned Parenthood did nothing.

If a woman in crisis needs help and goes to Planned Parenthood, all they will do is kill her preborn baby and put her right back in danger again. They don’t care about helping women who are victims of sex crimes; as long as they get their blood money, they aren’t concerned with anything else.

4. Planned Parenthood wants you to have an abortion so that they can sell your baby.

Why is it, exactly, what Planned Parenthood pushes abortion on vulnerable women so much? Why are they downsizing all of their legitimate health services while increasing abortions? It could be that abortion brings in so much more money than a simple pap smear or handing a woman a pack of birth control pills. But there’s also another benefit in it for them: profit. Planned Parenthood can make some hefty profit when women have abortions. Because not only can they charge her hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to kill her preborn baby, they can also sell the body parts of the baby they just killed — without telling the mother first, of course — and make even more profit!

The Center for Medical Progress exposed another, even darker, side of Planned Parenthood when they released videos detailing the results of a two-year investigation into the abortion giant. The results were sickening. Top Planned Parenthood executives and officials were found cavalierly discussing how they butcher the bodies of aborted babies and bartering for how much they could get per body part. Other times, they discussed selling babies completely intact. Since the release of the videos, there have been multiple Congressional investigations opened into Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards was forced to testify before Congress, multiple states also opened investigations, and multiple states also stripped Planned Parenthood of funding.

In the tapes, we see that Planned Parenthood is breaking multiple laws. Selling body parts, fetal or otherwise, is illegal. But that doesn’t stop Planned Parenthood from doing it anyway, maybe because they’re so confident that the federal government won’t do anything about it. The videos reveal that Planned Parenthood even kills babies born alive after an attempted abortion (also against the law), and they laugh about how they can make a fair amount of income through this grisly business.

How can any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy trust an organization that has a financial incentive for them to have an abortion? Planned Parenthood won’t rake in bucketloads of cash if the woman decides to keep her baby or place him with an adoptive family. But abortion? Now, that’s a real money-maker. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a woman’s best interests at heart; they’re only interested in how much blood money they can get. And this is why they will lie, manipulate, and cover up crimes to get as many abortions as they can. It all comes back to money, the love of which is the root of all evil.

Plain and simple, Planned Parenthood is an evil organization. They do not care how many women are damaged after being pressured into an abortion. They don’t care if she’s the victim of a crime or if they’re breaking federal laws. And because of this, women need to know they cannot trust Planned Parenthood, the abortion giant that never has their best interests at heart.

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