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‘How low can we go?’: Fertility clinic offers Black Friday sale on human beings

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A fertility clinic is under fire for offering a Black Friday discount on its surrogacy and fertility packages — essentially offering deals on the sale of babies.

According to its website, BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction in Ukraine is offering a three percent discount on babies from November 15 to November 26. Some of the options include a “VIP surrogacy package” and a “Perfect Chance” IVF package.

“Hurry up to make your baby dream come true!” said the company. A marketing ploy that plays on the emotions of hopeful parents, getting them to pay for fertility “services” that won’t guarantee them a child.


The bioethics newsletter BioEdge shared the Black Friday offer. “BioTexCom is a big player in international surrogacy and works hard at marketing its products,” said BioEdge. “It is active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (in Romanian, English, German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Bulgarian). It sponsors a baseball team and a jujitsu team. Clients can get a BioTexCom tattoo.”

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Children are not products and neither are the women who are being paid to carry them for other people. But the billion-dollar fertility industry treats both as if they are nothing more than a way to make money. More lives are lost through IVF than are born and millions of human beings are frozen in time as embryos — some for decades. BioTexCom’s sale is further proof that the fertility industry doesn’t exist out of the goodness of their hearts, but out of the desire for profit.

And readers of BioEdge spoke out about the company marketing its “services” with a sale on babies in order to profit financially.

“What a corrupt dehumanising world we live in 2021,” wrote one reader named Polly.

Another woman, Hannah Spanswick, commented that such an advertisement can cause “emotional pain.” She wrote:

And here I was thinking that child trafficking was illegal!

It never ceases to amaze me that some unscrupulous people place a higher value on money than human life and dignity.

There is enough evidence all over the world that removing a baby from the woman who carried it and gave birth to it causes trauma.

No amount of spin can change this reality, and yet the child slave trade continues unabated, with no regard for the welfare, responsibility, or accountability of those who profit from it.

I only hope that there is such Karma, and that these business tycoons suffer the same level of emotional pain as those they inflict.

Spanswick’s comments are heartbreaking — and accurate. Experts in international surrogacy have acknowledged that the practice is harmful to both women and children. Surrogates and the children are treated as little more than property in a business transaction. The surrogates are seen as nothing more than a body and the child as an object to be bought and sold — or aborted if he or she doesn’t meet the paying parents’ standards.

The child is immediately taken from the one person she has bonded with in the womb for nine months. That child knows the surrogate’s voice and heartbeat and will seek her for comfort. Being taken from her causes trauma.

Jessica Kern, who was created and born via surrogacy with the surrogate’s egg, speaks out against the practice. “Children of surrogacy, just like children of a traditional adoption, deal with all the traumas that go along with adoption,” she said. “We want to know where we come from. We want to know who our biological mothers are. We want to know who gave birth to us and what they are like… When we have children in this world who already need homes, why are we intentionally creating children [via surrogacy] to go through adoption traumas?”

The children’s rights organization Them Before Us points out the major difference between adoption and surrogacy: “While both surrogacy and adoption involve significant loss for children, there is one critical area where the two family structures differ: adopted children are raised by adults who are seeking to mend the wound inflicted by tragedy or hardship. Surrogate-born and donor-conceived children are being raised by the very adults who inflicted the wound.”

Creating children using surrogacy isn’t for the benefit of the children but the adults. These are living human beings who will suffer trauma in order to meet the desires of adults. And if the children don’t live up to expectations, they can just as easily be destroyed through abortion as they were created in a lab for thousands of dollars. And the women who helped create them will be treated as nothing more than a rented womb when all is said and done. The idea of surrogacy and IVF have become so normalized that now there are Black Friday sales on the rental of women’s bodies in the hopes to obtain a child.

BioEdge commenter Joan summed it up well: “Why is it legal to treat women and the children they bear as second-class citizens? […] As humans, how low can we go?”

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