Instagram comments on Pro-Choice Bosses videos reveal disturbing anti-motherhood attitude

Since the release of Live Action’s Pro-Choice Bosses video series highlighting the very real (and illegal) pregnancy discrimination that occurs in the workplace, Instagram users have been sharing comments that reveal the anti-woman, anti-motherhood attitude that is shockingly prevalent in the “feminist proud” United States.

While many have shared stories of being discriminated against (supporting the validity of the satirical videos), others have shown the validity of the videos in a different way — by displaying discriminatory, misogynist attitudes toward pregnant women in the comments section of a Live Action Instagram post.

“I understand those employers,” wrote one user. “Pregnant females don’t work properly most of the time and nobody wants to pay a person who sits at home with a child instead of being efficient. Men will always be more efficient at work. If you hire a man you don’t have to ‘lose’ them for many mo[n]ths. I know females who don’t hire females because of pregnancy or even periods (females can take time off more often because of periods/pain). Be angry. Idc. [I don’t care]”

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Another wrote, “pregnant women aren’t as mobile so employers aren’t gonna hire immobile employees.”

A seemingly angry commenter said, “When someone employs someone, they don’t want to pay them for up to 6 months while they DON’T WORK!!!! Have your children. Get them to school age, then start your career. Or don’t have kids at all.”

Another wrote, “But how can you blame an employer who knows that as soon or soon after they hire a pregnant woman, she’s going to be on maternity leave?”

Others continued to discuss how they were treated as pregnant women and mothers. One woman shared that she was treated poorly by her female boss when she wanted to take one break during her 10-hour day to pump breast milk for her baby. Her boss told her, “As a mother, you will never be an effective worker.”



Another shared her story, saying, “My boss was very very aggressive & passive aggressive when I was pregnant— cut my hours, gave me a much heavier work load to complete in less time, etc in an effort to try to get me to quit because she knew she couldn’t fire me due to being pregnant otherwise I would 100% sue her for discrimination. If they can’t fire you many will try to persuade you to quit instead. Stay strong mommies!”

One woman shared an awful story of having interviewed for a job while she was pregnant. She explained, “I was told that they would only consider a female if she brought her fallopian tubes in a bag… can’t make up stuff like this!”

Pregnancy is a natural, biological part of life — and discriminating against pregnant women in the workplace is illegal. The feminist movement of the 1970s was supposed to end discrimination against women, arguing that women could have it all — a career and a family. But the feminist movement’s mistake was in adopting abortion as part of its platform, thanks to pressure from pro-abortion men. This realization came too late.

Five decades later, women are now expected to abort their children in order to protect their careers, and women who do become mothers are often treated as inferiors. Companies are now offering to pay for a female employee’s abortion-related expenses — even airfare, hotel, and restaurants — rather than maternity leave, because it’s cheaper to have a baby killed than to support a working mother. Hulu, for example, cut its parental leave from 20 weeks down to eight weeks this year while its parent company Disney announced it would be paying for employee abortion expenses.

Women don’t have to avoid motherhood or abort their babies in order to find career success, as countless women — from the courtroom to the movie set — have proven.

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