Clinton joins in celebration of Planned Parenthood’s 99th anniversary

Hillary Clinton

As Live Action News reported, on Friday, Planned Parenthood celebrated it’s 99th anniversary. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton couldn’t help but join the party.

On Friday, Clinton tweeted:

Clinton is right: Planned Parenthood has changed life for women in America – but not in the positive way Clinton’s tweet implies.

The organization has exploited countless women, treating a woman’s body more like a “profit center” than a valuable human being deserving of legitimate health care. Planned Parenthood has repeatedly failed to report the sexual abuse and sex-trafficking of young women, has lied to women, and has engaged in infanticide, not to mention Planned Parenthood’s aborting of nearly 7 million babies since 1970.

Clinton continues to be one of Planned Parenthood’s most outspoken defenders, even after the recent baby parts scandal broke. And it’s no surprise. With deep ties to the abortion giant, including major donations from Planned Parenthood to the Clinton campaign, Planned Parenthood’s problem is Clinton’s problem.

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