Does Planned Parenthood stand with women?

The short answer is “no.” The list of reasons why is long.

Planned Parenthood may have spent most of 2012 asking women to stand with them, but the relationship is one-sided because Planned Parenthood has repeatedly proven that the health and well-being of its patients is not its number-one priority. Planned Parenthood is an abortion business. Their claim that they’re all about women’s care would be laughable if it weren’t so heartbreaking.

Sexual Abuse

Live Action’s Mona Lisa Project went undercover into Planned Parenthood clinics throughout the nation. What the investigative team discovered was shocking. In eight Planned Parenthood clinics, including locations in Los Angeles; Bloomington, Indiana; and Tucson, Arizona, staffers violated state law by failing to report child sexual abuse. In Bloomington, Lila Rose, president of Live Action, posed as a 13-year-old who was pregnant by her 31-year-old boyfriend. Planned Parenthood admitted to Rose that they are legally required to report the abuse but said they wouldn’t, and they even advised her how to avoid parental notification laws to get an abortion.

Luckily, Rose was undercover. But that wasn’t the case for two teenagers in Ohio.

Planned Parenthood performed an abortion on a 14-year-old girl after her 22-year-old soccer coach, who impregnated her, brought her to the clinic. Not only did Planned Parenthood fail to report the abuse to authorities, but they broke parental notification laws as well.

Denise Fairbanks was 13 years old when her father began sexually abusing her. At the age of 16, after three years of abuse, she became pregnant. Her father took her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Fairbanks told the abortion clinic staff that her father was raping her, but Planned Parenthood did nothing to help her. They performed the abortion, collected the money, and sent Fairbanks and her abuser on their way. Fairbanks was raped by her father for another year and a half before her basketball coach filed a report and her father was arrested. Fairbanks went on to sue Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region for failing to report the abuse.

And the tragedies don’t stop in Ohio. There are the California cases of a 13-year-old girl impregnated by her 39-year-old stepfather, and an 11-year-old raped by a 17-year-old. There’s also the story of a 13-year-old girl impregnated by her 23-year-old foster brother. And there’s the case of a 14-year-old girl, abducted and raped in Connecticut. Her kidnapper/rapist brought her to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. Each of these victims was given an abortion and handed back to her rapist.


In 2011, seven Planned Parenthoods were caught on tape aiding undercover investigators posing as sex-traffickers. At a D.C. clinic, staffers counseled the sex-traffickers on how their underage slaves could get abortions and testing with no questions asked. At a Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood, a staffer told the “pimp” how he could get taxpayer-funded services for the underage sex workers, some as young as 14. Planned Parenthood assured him they would keep the information confidential.

Telemed Abortions

Telemed abortions are abortions that are done remotely. An abortion doctor, in a different location, presses a button that opens a drawer containing an abortion pill in the room in which a woman is waiting during a teleconference with the abortionist. As former Planned Parenthood staffer Sue Thayer wrote for The Washington Times:

Telemed abortion doesn’t only result in the death of an unborn child; it strips women of their dignity by denying them the courtesy of an in-person visit from a doctor concerned for their health and well-being. It risks their lives by sending them away with no support and a drug that has led to massive bleeding and hemorrhaging, infection and even death.

The upside for Planned Parenthood, supposed best friend of girls and women? It’s cheap.


On July 20, 2012, Tonya Reaves went to a Planned Parenthood in Chicago for an abortion at 16 weeks’ gestation. The clinic’s website said that it does not perform surgical abortions; however, one was performed there on Reaves. Hours later, Reaves died. She had begun bleeding uncontrollably during the abortion, and the staff let her continue to hemorrhage for over five hours before calling for help. They did not call 911. The autopsy revealed that Reaves died as a result of the abortion and that the death was an “accident” which could include an avoidable death from negligence or malpractice.

This is not the first time Planned Parenthood has been aloof when it comes to the care of its patients. There have been at least 16 medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood locations throughout the U.S. since August of 2010. On top of that, when Live Action investigators called seven of those locations, including the one that killed Reaves, not even one of them admitted that a woman had ever been hurt from an abortion at their clinic. Rather than tell women that abortion can be dangerous, as with any surgery, Planned Parenthood lies to get the women in the door and get their money.

Mammogram Lies

It isn’t just the staffers who lie about Planned Parenthood. Even the CEO, Cecile Richards, and America’s own President Obama have been known to spread falsehoods regarding Planned Parenthood services. Richards went on “The Joy Behar Show” to state her case against the Pence Amendment to end Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer subsidies. She said, “If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are gonna lose their healthcare access – not to abortion services – to basic family planning…you know, mammograms.”

President Obama told Jay Leno that women “rely on [Planned Parenthood] for mammograms.”

The problem? Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms at all. In fact, according to the Food and Drug Administration, Planned Parenthood is not even licensed to do mammograms. Why lie? Planned Parenthood needs to maintain the image that the organization cares about women and are more about providing health services than peddling abortion.

Sex-Selective Abortions

It isn’t just the women coming into the clinic that Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about. It’s also the baby girls. Live Action went undercover and discovered that Planned Parenthoods throughout the country will gladly perform abortions on baby girls just because they are baby girls. These abortions are late-term, since most ultrasounds to determine the baby’s gender occur after 18 weeks’ gestation. Babies, just a few weeks from viability, are aborted at Planned Parenthood for the sole reason that they are female. It’s horrific discrimination.

Quotas to Fill

Providing abortion is the main priority of Planned Parenthood because it is their moneymaker. In fact, about half of their non-government health center annual income comes from abortion. In dollars, Planned Parenthood brings in over 150 million from abortions each year. Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood clinic director, has even said that Planned Parenthood has an abortion quota to fill. In a piece for The Daily Caller, Johnson writes, “At my clinic, we didn’t have cancer screening quotas to fill — we had abortion quotas to fill, because that’s what made us money.”

In addition, Johnson told WND:

Abortion is the most lucrative part of Planned Parenthood’s operations. Even though they’re two separate corporations, all of the money goes into one pot. With the family planning corporation really suffering, they depend on the abortion corporation to balance their budget, help get them out of the hole and help make income for the company. They really wanted to increase the number of abortions so that they could increase their income.

And she isn’t the only former staffer to divulge that information.

What each of these cases and all of these incidences add up to is simple. Planned Parenthood consistently puts money above the welfare of their patients. Victims are handed back to their rapists. Sex-trafficking of minors is ignored. Dangerous abortion pills are administered from an abortionist’s office miles away. Patients are left to die in order to attempt to cover up Planned Parenthood’s wrongdoings. And lies are told to Americans to make them believe that Planned Parenthood is all about women’s health in order to keep the $487 million they receive in taxpayer money. It’s time we stop paying Planned Parenthood to hurt and kill our girls and women. Sign the petition to defund Planned Parenthood.

Note: This is an updated version of a previous article on the same topic.

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