Americans are horrified when babies are left in the trash, but abortionists do it legally every day

Despite the existence of Safe Haven laws in every single U.S. state, women are still abandoning their newborns in trash cans and dumpsters. Recently, a baby was found alive in a garbage can outside of a pizza place in Boston and another baby was found deceased in a motel garbage can in Ohio. It is unknown exactly how many babies are abandoned each year in the U.S., but the number is estimated to be about 150. Meanwhile, an estimated 2,363 babies are killed legally every single day in the U.S. through abortion.

Safe Haven laws save lives

One abandoned baby is one too many, and in 1999, Texas enacted the very first Safe Haven law to help parents safely surrender their babies without needing to identify themselves to authorities. According to the National Safe Haven Alliance, since that first law was enacted 22 years ago, more than 4,152 babies have been saved by Safe Haven laws.

Today, every U.S. state has a version of a Safe Haven Law, which allows babies of certain ages to be surrendered at pre-determined, safe locations such as fire stations and hospitals if the parents feel unable to care for their child. Yet, not enough people are aware of the existence of the laws and babies continue to be abandoned — sometimes with tragic results.

Every time an abandoned baby’s story is reported on the news, an overwhelming sense of compassion moves throughout the community for that baby. If the baby has survived, countless people even inquire about adopting that child. The news rightly reports the deaths of abandoned babies as a tragedy. For instance, a reporter who covered the story of the baby recently found in a garbage can in Boston said, “This story — upsetting on so many levels, not only for what happened to this baby but for where this baby was found. Alone in a trashcan.”

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Often the mother is painted as callous, but in some cases, she is simply hoping someone will come along and save her baby. She’s desperate and doesn’t know where to turn. While her abandoned baby receives compassion from others, she is often treated with no compassion.

Yet, on a daily basis, the opposite happens when it comes to abortion.

Dead babies in trash cans and at abortion centers are both tragedies

Each day, abortion supporters celebrate the deaths of 2,363 babies in the U.S., and the women are applauded for exercising their “right” to abortion. Each of those babies is treated inhumanely, their bodies abandoned and disposed of in horrific, improper ways. Yet the abortionists are called heroes, and the women — many who suffer silently and deeply from abortion trauma — are told to “shout” their abortions with pride.

The hard truth is this: A dead baby is a dead baby, and it’s always a tragedy.

Since abortion was legalized in 1973, 65 million babies have been killed. Yet most of America appears unconcerned about what has become of their bodies. They aren’t dumped into motel garbage cans, but they certainly aren’t given proper burials. Instead, they are dumped into landfills and dumpsters behind abortion businesses. They are flushed down toilets and put through garbage disposals. Some are stored in freezers indefinitely while others have been burned to provide electricity. Still, other babies have been found inside abortionists’ homes and cars, and two Planned Parenthood locations were caught storing the bodies in janitors’ closets.

As previously reported by Live Action News, pro-life activist Jonathon Van Maren pointed out this unspoken truth:

During a panel on abortion victim photography, someone asked us for a question we could ask that would highlight the magnitude of what abortion has cost us. Monica [Miller] paused for a moment. Then she responded. “Where do you put sixty-five million bodies?”

That question crystallizes everything. Abortion isn’t about reproductive rights. It isn’t about healthcare. It is about people. Those people have bodies. And those bodies go somewhere after they have been poisoned, dismembered and suctioned into bloody slurry. Where do they go?

So why is it that the abandonment of some babies is deemed a heartbreaking tragedy, but the active killing of other babies is called empowerment? There are two simple answers to this. First, the mainstream media is very good at manipulating a story to fit the narrative they want the world to believe and has no problem burying a story that paints the abortion industry in a bad light. Second, the abortion industry is a powerful and influential million-dollar industry. Planned Parenthood alone gave $45 million to 2020 campaigns to have pro-choice officials elected. Those officials then throw their support behind the abortion industry and suppress damning information about that industry.

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This was true when California Attorney General, now-Vice President Kamala Harris went above and beyond to protect Planned Parenthood when its executives were caught haggling over the prices of aborted baby body parts. And it happened again even with pro-life Ohio Attorney General, now-Governor Mike DeWine when he refused to do anything about aborted babies being dumped into landfills in Ohio, despite the fact that it was illegal.

Cognitive dissonance

Preborn human beings have been deemed non-persons, and therefore, it is legal to kill them. In fact, that was the reasoning used by the Ohio mother who tossed her baby into the motel garbage.

Rebecca Houck, 30, was indicted on a charge of gross abuse of a corpse after authorities found her baby’s body in a motel garbage can. But law enforcement still doesn’t know how the baby died or if her death occurred prior to birth or after. Houck had claimed to have been only eight weeks pregnant and said she had a miscarriage. However, Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said that based on evidence, it appears Houck ordered a drug online to induce a late-term abortion; her baby was actually of viable age, about 23 to 27 weeks.

Abortion is illegal in Ohio after 20 weeks except in cases to save the mother’s life or health, but because Houck carried out the abortion herself, she cannot be charged with killing her baby. However, if law enforcement could have proven the baby died after birth, Houck could have faced a murder charge.

On that day, from the moment she was in the womb to the moment she was outside the womb, she was the exact same baby, the exact same age, and the exact same size. The only difference was her location. Because her body was found in the garbage and the media felt her worthy to speak of, Americans see it as a tragedy. But if her death had been carried out on that same day in an abortion business, her body tossed into the medical waste bin or the abortion facility’s dumpster, the media would have remained silent and Americans would have called it her mother’s “choice.”

It is a horrific double standard in America that says certain babies are persons and certain babies are not. Abortion isn’t pretty or empowering or a right. It’s a business in which abortionists are paid to kill babies and toss their bodies in the trash. But aborted babies are every bit as human and valuable as the babies saved from garbage cans outside of pizza places. Every child deserves respect and his or her right to life.

Babies are not garbage, no matter who is putting them there.

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