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ACOG sues FDA over abortion pill safety requirements, calling them ‘harmful’ and ‘outdated’

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This week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the FDA in protest of the administration’s safety regulations put in place regarding the abortion pill, mifepristone. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), and asserts that allowing the drug to be sold only in an approved clinic or hospital is making abortion seekers unsafe during COVID-19. The ACOG claimed in a statement on its website:

Although mifepristone has long been proven to be safe and effective when prescribed through telemedicine and can be safely taken in the comfort of a patient’s home, outdated FDA restrictions require mifepristone to be dispensed in a hospital, clinic, or medical office…. 

“Of the more than 20,000 drugs regulated by the FDA, mifepristone is the only one that patients must receive in person at a hospital, clinic, or medical office, yet may self-administer, unsupervised, at a location of their choosing,” says the complaint…

Eva Chalas, MD, FACOG, FACS, and president of ACOG, elaborated, grouping abortion in with “care for miscarriage”:

… [T]he federal government should permit patients seeking safe and effective reproductive health care, which includes care for miscarriage and termination of pregnancy, the same ability to access care and protect themselves from exposure as patients in other contexts are afforded.

The ACOG is a pro-abortion organization which favors unrestricted abortion and has pushed for taxpayer-funded abortion, has partnered with Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations, and opposes abortion pill reversal.


As previously reported by Live Action News, the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation System (REMS) from the FDA requires that mifepristone “must be dispensed to patients only in certain healthcare settings, specifically clinics, medical offices, and hospitals, by or under the supervision of a certified prescriber.”

Using mifepristone without any medical evaluations beforehand could lead to catastrophic consequences in the lives of women. The abortion industry has been working to skirt REMS and is using the COVID-19 pandemic to put forth a “no test” abortion pill protocol, in which there are no requirements for medically confirming a pregnancy, accurately calculating the gestational age, or ruling out any possible preexisting conditions or ectopic pregnancies before a facility dispenses the abortion pill.

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The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) stated in response to the lawsuit:

By suing to remove the FDA’s REMS governing the prescription of Mifeprex, ACOG continues its sad record of putting abortion politics ahead of women’s lives.

The FDA uses REMS to ensure that drugs with the potential for significant adverse effects do less harm. As medical professionals, AAPLOG members know that the FDA’s REMS save lives and help lower the number of women severely harmed by Mifeprex. We encourage the FDA to mount a robust defense against this dangerous lawsuit.

Live Action President and CEO Lila Rose also issued a statement condemning the lawsuit:

It is unconscionable that the FDA approved Mifeprex for the horrific use of killing children twenty years ago. That decision sanctioned the deaths of untold millions of children and a shocking number of women as well. Children killed by Mifeprex are starved to death, while women injured by the drug can suffer fatal infections or hemorrhage. No civilized nation’s health authority should allow a drug to be used to kill.

The FDA should not only defend REMS; it should rescind its approval of the Mifexprex abortion regimen completely.

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins issued a statement in early May, noting that “[t]he FDA must hold the line on the health and safety standards in place that are meant to help women survive taking chemical abortion pills. Using this Covid-19 crisis to force the sales of life-ending drugs in ways that risk women’s lives should embarrass the abortion industry. But perhaps that is asking too much of people who end life for a living.”

To read the ACOG’s full complaint against the FDA, visit this link.

Editor’s Note: For more information on how it may be possible to reverse the abortion pill process, visit AbortionPillReversal.com. A statement from Live Action President and CEO Lila Rose has been added to this post.

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