Abortionist indicted on child pornography charges

Susan Robinson, one of the four late-term abortionists featured in the pro-abortion documentary After Tiller, complained that abortionists don’t get very much respect in the medical field, saying that doctors look down on them and see abortionists as the lowest of the low.

michaelisAside from the fact that abortionists are taking lives every day, as opposed to other doctors who strive to save lives, maybe abortionists would get more respect if the abortion industry wasn’t inundated with seedy characters who happily trade their ethics for the few hundred dollars an abortion will net them. Case in point: An Ohio abortionist, Thomas William Michaelis, has been indicted on child pornography charges.

Thomas W. Michaelis, 69, of Sylvania, faces charges of receiving and distributing child pornography images between April and May. Authorities say he possessed and accessed with intent to view one or more web sites which contained depictions of minors engaged in sexually-explicit conduct between January and May.

Michaelis was a practicing gynecologist and obstetrician in the Toledo-area until his license to practice medicine and surgery was permanently revoked by the State Medical Board of Ohio in May 2014.

As Operation Rescue reveals, Michaelis had a history of sexually deviant behavior — but somehow he was still able to continue practicing medicine, a common theme in the abortion industry.

In 1991, the Ohio Medical Board cited Michaelis after he had been convicted of Attempted Gross Sexual Imposition, Voyeurism, Public Indecency, all involving minor girls. Michaelis had engaged in sexual “touching” and other advances on girls in their early teens who had come to his home to play with his daughter. The Board finally revoked his license in 1992. Unwisely, the Board reinstated his license in 1997 after Michaelis complied with a number of requirements imposed by the Board, including an order for him submit to counseling.

Sure, let’s reinstate the medical license for a gynecologist who attempted to molest young girls. That’s a brilliant idea. What could go wrong? Thankfully, the Ohio Medical Board did finally realize that this man should never be allowed to practice medicine again, but it is utterly shameful that it took them so long to figure that out.

Sadly, criminal behavior is not uncommon in the abortion industry. Abortion anesthetist James Peters was was convicted for infecting over 50 patients with Hepatitis C, and for possession of child pornography. The clinic that employed Peters knew that he had a history of drug abuse and an affinity for child porn, and hired him anyway.

Evie Gradwohl, a nurse at an abortion clinic, was accused of fondling unconscious patients, and exposing herself to clinic staff. The woman who filed the suit had complained about the behavior to her supervisors, who did nothing.

Scott Richard Swirling, the former head of the pro-abortion National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA), was arrested in a child sex sting. Swirling was caught when he solicited an undercover police officer and offered to let the officer have sex with his pre-teen daughter. NFPRHA includes Planned Parenthood as one of its members.

The darling of the late-term abortion industry, LeRoy Carhart, also has a fairly checkered past. Two patients died in his care, he has had multiple patient complaints, and kept his clinics in disgusting conditions. He was also found to be illegally dumping biohazardous waste, patient records that are supposed to remain confidential, and dangerous drugs.

And of course, who could forget Kermit Gosnell? Violations went back as far as 1989 before he was finally brought down. Two women died at his hands. He infected God knows how many others with STDs. Women were forced into abortions against their will. At least one patient suffered a perforated uterus and had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy. He performed illegal, late-term abortions. He allowed flea-infested cats to roam freely through the clinic, which was covered in urine and feces as a result. Throughout all of this, local authorities took no action, even though they were notified over and over and over again. It wasn’t until the FBI raided his clinic that his license was finally suspended and his crimes came to light.

The awful thing is that, though abortion advocates argue the contrary, Gosnell is in no way an aberration. Similar “House of Horrors” have been found in Virginia and in Michigan. Live Action’s Inhuman investigation found that Gosnell was also not alone in his abhorrent and illegal treatment of late-term babies who survive abortions.

Then when you factor in Live Action’s numerous other investigations — covering up child sexual abuse, aiding and abetting child sex trafficking, giving inaccurate medical information — the picture should be pretty clear. Criminal behavior is a vein that runs deep. Michaelis is hardly an outlier. He is another symptom of the cancer that is the abortion industry. If Robinson wants to know why abortionists are treated like the lowest of the low, maybe it’s because so many abortionists actually are the lowest of the law — criminals, sexual offenders, and butchers. Why would anyone have any respect for that behavior?

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