Common Myths about the HHS Mandate

The Contraceptive Mandate from the Department of HHS is actually both a contraceptive and an abortion mandate, since it includes abortion and sterilizations too. It has been a big blow to religious liberties, especially to the Catholic Church, and others who oppose contraceptives and abortion.

Nancy Frazier from the Catholic News Service explained in an article recently a couple of these myths. One of them is that the term “self insurance” is a type of insurance mainly used by church organizations to avoid paying for abortion and contraceptives. However, Frazier points out from the Congressional Research Service and the Kaiser Family Foundation that the percentage of Americans on self-insured plans was 44 percent in 1999 to 60 percent in 2011, and it is unclear as to what percentage of those are affiliated with a Church. She also pointed out that 96% of those who work in large companies, with over 5,000 workers, were on a self insured plan.

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