Spain pushing new pro-life bill

ultrasoundSpain is attempting to adopt pro-life legislation, which would ban most abortions in the country. Here are some parts of the new bill that the conservative Partido Popular (PP) party has advocated for:

  1. The woman would need to obtain two doctors not affiliated with an abortion provider and both would have to claim the baby poses a serious threat to the mother’s life
  2. Must meet with government social workers to plead different options for the woman, such as adoption or fostering, and take a week to decide whether they still want to continue with the abortion
  3. Women under the age of 18 would need parental permission before obtaining an abortion

If the law passes, it would reverse a 4 year old law from the previous socialist administration, which permitted abortions up to 14 weeks of pregnancy. Spain’s socialist party tried to block the potential pro-life law, but failed to pass their motion, with 183 votes rejecting it, while 151 were in favor of it.

This new potential law did not settle well with the pro-abortionists. Thousands took to the streets of Madrid to show their protest, chanting ‘Keep Your Rosaries Out Of My Ovaries.” 

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