No Limits: Obama’s Record On Abortion

“Pass out at three, wake up at ten, go out to eat, then do it again. Man I love college.” Like American rapper Asher Roth, I too loved college. I don’t think our experiences were entirely comparable, though. Mine seems to have been more scholastically oriented, and I rarely felt obliged to “dance my ass off.” I did, however, have a friend who would occasionally dance her clothes off.

Her name was Tania*, and during her college years she performed sporadically as an exotic dancer. It was clear that Tania had no desire to make a career out of stripping. In fact, the longer she did it, the less appeal it seemed to have. Some things, like scotch and classic cars, tend to become more desirable with the passage of time. But for Tania, working the pole wasn’t one of them.

College stripping isn’t the only activity whose attractiveness wanes with age–abortion has a similar dynamic. As a fetus gets older, fewer people will support ending her or his life. This is probably due in part to appearances. After all, it’s harder to justify killing someone whose heart beat and propensity for thumb sucking can be observed via ultrasound. Some may also suspect that the mechanics of a late term abortion must be agonizing for the abortee: dilation and evacuation abortion involves pulling the fetus apart, one limb at a time. This suspicion appears to be well founded, for there is evidence that at twenty weeks of development, an unborn baby can indeed feel pain.

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