Inhuman: Late-Term Abortion

In the United States, there is no federal law protecting preborn children from abortion at any time

In 2013, the grotesque findings inside abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” shocked the nation. Investigators discovered that for years, the Philadelphia abortionist had committed acts of horrific violence against preborn — and newborn — babies during third trimester abortions. However, Gosnell is not alone.

Although there are prohibitions on abortion in some states, in others, a fully-developed, viable child can be legally aborted right up until birth.

Live Action’s undercover cameras exposed the chilling admissions of abortionists inside America’s late-term abortion industry during third trimester abortions and partial birth abortions. Although these abortionists confess to the humanity of often viable, fully developed children, they inflict inhuman and cruel abortion procedures against them.



Under the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, a child who survives a partial-birth or third trimester abortion is guaranteed protection under the law and the full rights of citizenship. However, these infants are often left alone to die, struggling for life, or killed by abortionists themselves. Caught on Live Action’s undercover investigative tapes, abortionists also admit they would refuse infants who survive abortions in their facilities life-saving medical care.

Washington Surgi-Clinic

A Live Action investigator who is 25 weeks pregnant checks in to Cesare Santangelo’s Washington Surgi-Clinic for a late-term abortion. She tells the facility she is 22 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion. Santangelo is caught on tape agreeing to deny medical care to a viable child who survives an abortion, in direct violation of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

Family Planning Associates Medical Group

A Live Action investigator visits Family Planning Associates Medical Group and tells the facility she is “about 20 or 21 weeks” pregnant. During the appointment, the ultrasound shows that the investigator is 24 weeks pregnant and cannot have an abortion under Arizona state law. However, staffers take more images to obtain a younger sonogram measurement, and they select a measurement of 23 weeks to proceed with the abortion. Dr. Laura Mercer lies to the investigator about fetal development; she and “Linda,” the clinic counselor, also admit “they will not resuscitate” a child who survives an abortion procedure.

Emily’s Women’s Center

A 23 weeks pregnant investigator visits Dr. Emily’s Women’s Center for a late-term abortion. The clinician admits that the baby is “six months” and fully grown, but she dehumanizes the child and tells the investigator to “flush it” or “put it in a bag or something” if the baby is delivered at home.

Abortion and Contraceptive Clinic of Nebraska

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart operates two abortion facilities, one in Bellevue, NE, and another in Germantown, MD. Live Action went undercover twice in LeRoy Carhart’s Nebraska late-term abortion facility. Ultrasound examinations evaluated the pregnant investigators as 22 and 26 weeks, so Carhart recommended that each investigator travel to Maryland, where he could offer abortion-on-demand up to 27 weeks. Video footage reveals Carhart casually describing that the abortion will cause the baby to “[get] soft, like mushy, so you push it through,” and saying of the deceased child that it’s “like putting meat in a crock pot.” If the dead child were not delivered completely, Carhart describes removing the baby “in pieces,” using, he jokes, “a pickaxe, a drill bit.”

Southwestern Women’s Options

A Live Action investigator visits New Mexico abortionists Shelly Sella and Carmen Landau to obtain a two-day, late-term abortion procedure. The abortion workers admit to the humanity of the preborn child, yet callously confirm to the Live Action investigator that they kill the child in utero through the induction abortion procedure to avoid delivering a “live baby.” A counselor advises the investigator that if she goes into labor prematurely, she must not dial 911, but deliver the child alone, into a toilet, while she waits for the abortionist to arrive.