Lila Rose Speeches

Lila Rose first started Live Action in her living room when she was just 15 years old. After discovering a book, several years earlier, with photos of children who had been killed by abortion, Lila was moved to help inform other young people about what abortion does to a preborn child. She organized a group of friends to give presentations to local community groups, educating them about the humanity of the preborn and the violence of abortion.

When Lila was a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles, she noticed that while she knew fellow students were facing unplanned pregnancies, she didn’t see pregnant students on the UCLA campus. To find out what resources and support UCLA offered its pregnant students, she put herself in a pregnant student’s shoes — by posing as a pregnant student. During that first undercover investigation, the head nurse told her that UCLA “does not support women who are pregnant” and referred her, instead, to get an abortion.

In that first investigation, Lila found a common thread that she would continue to uncover in every investigation that followed: No matter what the abortion industry and its proponents say in public, abortion is not an empowering “choice.”

Since that first investigation in 2006, Live Action has grown to become one of the leading national pro-life organizations in America. She is the author of Fighting For Life and a public speaker.