Remarkable 9-week MRI reveals who is targeted by the abortion pill

Most abortions are committed in the first trimester, and even some ‘pro-life’ individuals will justify this by claiming that since the child isn’t “viable” yet, abortion in early pregnancy is an acceptable practice. Regardless of the unsound and arbitrary idea of “viability,” when women take the abortion pill to “terminate” a pregnancy or “bring down a missed period” — as the propaganda goes — an actual human life is directly and intentionally ended.

Here is that child:


@nicu_musings You may never look at a 9 week old embryo/fetus the same way‼️ #pregnant #doctorsoftiktok #neonatal #nursesoftiktok #medtok #obgyn ♬ original sound – Dr Michael Narvey

This MRI imaging of a nine-week-old human embryo shows how remarkably developed we humans are internally at just nine weeks. The organs including the heart, the brain, and the lungs are all present. According to the Endowment for Human Development, at nine weeks post-fertilization, the fetus has begun developing her vocal cords and she can suck her thumb and swallow.


This ultrasound imaging of a fetus at 9 weeks post-fertilization shows the exterior development of a human at this age with arms, fingers, legs, toes, nose, and mouth. Between nine and 10 weeks, she will increase her body weight by over 75%.


Even at seven weeks post-fertilization, it is clear that this embryo is a living human being. She can hiccup and can move her legs as well as give a startle response.


The video above shows the embryonic heart beating at just six weeks and six days. The heart is the first organ to function because blood flow is necessary for the rest of the child’s organs and body to develop. The heart first begins to beat just 21 days after fertilization. In this video, you can see the four-chambered heart beating 167 times per minute.

The abortion pill acts to kill children in these first weeks of their lives by the deprivation of nutrients. The first pill in the abortion pill regimen, mifepristone, blocks the naturally occurring pregnancy hormone progesterone. This stops the baby from receiving nutrients and oxygen, and the baby — who looks and acts like those in the above videos — will detach from the uterine wall. The second pill, misoprostol, will cause contractions to expel the baby. Women have attested to the trauma they endured from birthing and seeing the baby they had killed through the use of the abortion pill.

Now the most common way to kill a preborn child in the United States, the abortion pill has actually been found to be four times more dangerous for women than first-trimester surgical abortions with six percent of women who take it requiring emergency or urgent care for complications. Despite this, the abortion pill is marketed to women as an easy and safe drug that will cause them to “miscarry” their babies. In other words, the message is that while natural miscarriage is tragic, forced ‘miscarriage’ by abortion drugs is empowerment.

The difference between the pro-abortion and pro-life solutions to unplanned pregnancies is that while one only offers death for the child, pro-life solutions are many (parenting, adoption, assistance with housing, material items, etc) and always recognize the value, dignity, and equality of both the woman and her baby.

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