Senator Ben Sasse asks if Democrats will stand up for this ‘little guy’

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Last week, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez caused controversy when he declared that all Democrats must support abortion. He said this is “not negotiable” and that the DNC will not support pro-life Democrats.

What caused the pro-abortion edict? Heath Mello, a Democrat running for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska. Mello is pro-abortion, but he also has supported restrictions on abortion, such as a Nebraska state bill that would require abortionists to show women ultrasound images of their preborn children. He believed that the bill could help reduce the number of abortions in Nebraska, but trying to reduce abortions is apparently an unforgivable sin to the abortion industry and its allies.

It was the backlash surrounding Mello that prompted DNC Chair Perez to release his statement demanding that all Democrats support abortion, no matter what. Senator Ben Sasse, a pro-life Republican who is also from Nebraska, like Mello, had something to say about that.

Indeed, Perez’s Twitter profile reads, “Likes: The @BuffaloBills, @TheDemocrats, and fighting for the little guy, though not in that order. Father of 3.” Apparently, Perez isn’t that fond of fighting for the little guy, as he not only supports the killing of little human beings whenever their mothers feel like it, but also mandates that all Democrats support it, too.

Sasse shows a preborn baby at 12 weeks gestation as his example of “the little guy.” Already, this baby has undergone tremendous development, even though it’s still early on in pregnancy. His heart has been beating since as early as 16 days after conception, and at six and a half weeks, the baby already had measurable brain waves. By 12 weeks, his taste buds have formed, and he can respond to touch. Most of the baby’s organs and bodily systems are fully formed at this point, too. One new study even suggests that preborn babies at 12 weeks can already feel pain.

Yet Perez isn’t willing to fight for this little guy. Instead, he wants it to be mandatory for Democrats to support the brutal and violent murder of preborn babies just like him. The video below features a former abortionist discussing what happens in a D&E abortion, the most common second-trimester abortion procedure in the United States.

How is supporting this procedure (and other common abortion procedures – all equally violent and inhumane) fighting for the little guy, Mr. Perez? It’s even more galling considering that approximately one third of all Democrats are pro-life. That doesn’t even include the Americans who want abortion to be legal but heavily regulated – the majority of “pro-choice” Americans fall into this category.

So whom is Perez really fighting for? Whom is he advocating for his party to fight for? It’s not really the little guy. It’s not the American people. In fact, it seems that the only people Perez is fighting for are the ones who work in the abortion industry, who have the most to lose with more restrictions and regulations on abortion.

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