Pro-life delegate: ‘We don’t need to manufacture rage over late-term abortion’

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Some Democrats are calling America’s outrage over late-term abortion manufactured, and Virginia Delegate Nicholas J. Freitas isn’t having it.

After New York passed a law allowing abortion-on-demand until birth, pro-abortion VA state representative Kathy Tran introduced a similar bill in Virginia. During the hearing, when asked if the bill would allow for a woman to obtain an abortion while she is in labor, she stated that yes, it would. The admission sent shock waves through the country, but some reports are claiming the outrage is all manufactured. Freitas, a Republican from Culpeper, has responded to those claims in a video that’s now been shared over 3,000 times.

He says that when the people of Virginia and America heard Tran’s words about abortion up until labor, they were in disbelief.

“Now we can pretend that we’ve manufactured this rage over here, but ultimately it’s that policy that people are frustrated about,” Freitas said. “And it’s not just Republicans. It’s Democrats. It’s Moderates. It’s a lot of people that are looking at this going, ‘I cannot believe we are at a stage right now in the 21st century where a child who can see, who can hear, who has full brain activity, who can feel the pain is going to be destroyed moments before birth,” he added. “I have news for you, we don’t need to manufacture rage over that. It exists because there is something fundamentally wrong with us as a society when we’re not willing to be welcoming of a child that is coming into that situation.”



Freitas went on to explain that all delegates are asked questions about the bills they sponsor, including what the intended and potential unintended consequences of the bill may be. When Tran was asked about the consequences of her bill, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for the hearing.

“… to suggest that an honest question about, ‘Would it allow this?’ is somehow crafty, maybe it’s just us doing our job,” he said.

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He believes Tran gave an honest answer and that it is accurate that people across America would be stunned and upset by her answer. In fact, 88 percent of Americans do not support late-term abortion, which there is absolutely no medical reasoning behind. Countless doctors have now said what former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino says in the video below: there is no medical reason for an abortion. If the woman’s health or life is at risk, an emergency C-section would take minutes, whereas a late-term abortion takes two to three days. For New York and Virginia among other states to say that it is acceptable (and even celebratory) to abort a viable baby on a healthy woman at nine months gestation, is unfathomable to Americans.


“You really think it’s us manufacturing this outrage? There have been points in this country’s history – dark times in this country’s history – where things like eugenics were seriously considered and I feel like to some degree, here we are again determining whether or not a child with Down syndrome should be entitled to the same protections as any other child,” said Freitas. “I assure you, this outrage is genuine, but if you want to treat it like it’s manufactured, I don’t think that’s going to help the cause that you’re trying to make.”

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