The pro-life position isn’t one of ‘force’. It’s one of of non-violence.

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With the passage of pro-life laws in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Mississippi, many pro-abortion pundits have converged on the claim that pro-lifers are “forcing women to carry their fetuses to term.” This is one of the most disingenuous claims of people advocating for the legal killing of preborn human beings.

The pro-life position is not one of force or coercion; the principle undergirding opposition to abortion is the recognition that violence against innocent human life is inherently unjust. Abortion is — quite literally — violent force used against a human being in the womb. Laws that protect preborn babies from abortion do not “force women to give birth”; they protect a defenseless human being from being forcibly starved to death, dismembered by suction or forceps, and thrown away as medical waste.

The weakness of the pro-abortion argument that pro-lifers are “forcing women to carry to term” can be seen in their callous capitalizing on pregnant survivors of rape. One pro-abortion writer objects to “the inherent cruelty of forcing survivors of rape or incest to carry their fetuses to term, some of whom are likely very young women.” His concern for the young victims of these crimes does not, apparently, extend to those who are ignored and further victimized by the abortion industry.

What the writer also fails to note is that there is a second person victimized by the rape: the preborn child who had no choice in how she was conceived. A discussion of increased penalties for rapists is perhaps warranted, but it seems we should all be able to agree that the preborn child should not be given the death penalty for the crime of her father.

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Elsewhere, pro-abortion commentators have tried to insinuate that women will be punished for miscarriage. This attack conveniently supports the Handmaid’s Tale cloaked protesters’ narrative but is totally false. What is more, to conflate the deliberate destruction of a living human being with the spontaneous death of preborn baby is insensitive to the countless women suffering the grief of miscarriage.

Nonetheless, a pro-abortion writer for the New Yorker claims that pro-life legislation is inseparable from the “idea that women are born sinners—born murderers, even” because 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. This is absurd.

Pro-lifers do not, as some have claimed, “love it when girls who have been raped by a family member are further tortured by being forced to carry their rapist’s baby” nor do pro-lifers view miscarriage as murder. The only people making these claims are abortion advocates who unintentionally reveal the weakness of their position through disingenuous attacks and straw men.

Despite pro-abortion claims, pro-life legislators did not devise the laws of reproduction to oppress women. Pregnancy is a unique circumstance in which at least two human lives are intricately linked. Prohibiting the destruction of one life does not mean that the other is despised, but demonstrates that all humans are worthy of protection.

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