Pro-abortion PAC targeting young women in effort to support Hillary Clinton

Red Alert Politics has covered Hillary’s loss with millennial voters, including young women, quite a bit. Hillary is likely to become the Democratic nominee for the general election. Thus, in a move which seems to be out of desperation, her pro-abortion supporters have turned to targeting young women for their votes. The move is also complicated because so many young people are pro-life. 

EMILY’s List, the group behind the effort, operates under the general veil of  being “the nation’s largest resource for women in politics” while its sole aim is to only elect pro-abortion, Democratic women.

On March 13, the group announced that rabidly pro-abortion and pro-Hillary actress and writer Lena Dunham would co-chair a “Creative Council” to reach out to millennials:

2016 provides an unprecedented opportunity to create lasting change. Not only do we have women running all the way up to the top of the ticket for the first time ever, millennials will outnumber boomers at the ballot box. Latinas will vote in unprecedented numbers. And unmarried women will decide the fate of the White House and the Senate, which will shape the Supreme Court for generations.

Coming from a pro-abortion group like EMILY’s List, it’s safe to assume how they think Latinas and other women should and will vote. Unmarried women more often vote for Democrats, and EMILY’s List only endorses Democratic candidates.

Dunham is joined by Paul Bernon as her co-chair, who is a producer and EMILY’s List board member. They know that discussing abortion for what it really is is a losing issue, and so they’re turning to dressing it up from a cultural and entertainment perspective, with original emphasis:

We need to reach these voters now in order to make sure they turn out in November,  producer and EMILY’s List Board Member Paul Bernon said. And our beltway-focused political dialogue is not the way to do it. So we’re reaching out to influential entertainers and industry executives who can speak to the rising American electorate and communicate the stakes in 2016.

Dunham isn’t the only Hillary supporter who has become involved this election cycle. Wendy Davis is a former Texas state senator and failed gubernatorial candidate who rose to fame for filibustering a 20-week abortion ban in Texas, which was ultimately passed.

On March 14,  Davis announced her pro-abortion initiative to reach young women, “Deeds Not Words.” Davis evoked suffragette Alice Paul in her initiative. Davis likely thought she was clever to do so during Women’s History Month. Paul, and other suffragettes, were pro-life though. Susan B. Anthony List and Feminists for Life are organizations named after that very fact.

Such history seems to be lost on Davis though. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Let me propose a new wave of action — of feminist action. In the next few weeks, I will be launching a new initiative, “Deeds Not Words,” inspired by Alice Paul’s motto,” Davis said.

Paul is regarded as one of the leaders of the early 20th century women’s suffrage movement, and organized a number of marches and public disruptions, leading to the 19th amendment being passed in 1920.

Davis, the one-time Democratic nominee for Texas governor, called young women to honor Paul and other female activists by using the rights that these women fought for.

And yet right after evoking a pro-lifer, Davis speaks about her pro-abortion views:

“We all know how good it felt to stand up and win that small battle for women’s rights in June of 2013,” Davis said. “But we also know that awful bill passed with a majority of votes, just a few days later. Permanent change can only come when we make it happen, at the ballot box.”

That “small battle for women’s rights” didn’t just involve a filibuster, but initially blocking the vote because it was prevented from taking place on time. There were pro-abortion protesters chanting “Hail, Satan,” bringing in used tampons and feces to throw at elected officials, and forcing peaceful pro-lifers into lockdown once the bill was passed.

The so-called “awful bill” was supported by a majority of Texans and Americans, including women.

The initiatives also include targeting sexual assault on campus, equal pay, paid family leave and affordable education. Pro-abortion initiatives are still a part of Deeds Not Words though, with “reproductive justice” and “women’s health care.”

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