6 powerful images that show the reality of abortion in the first trimester

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During the first trimester of pregnancy, the preborn child is developing at a rapid pace. While even just a couple of decades ago very little was known about humans at the earliest stages of life, today we can clearly see their humanity, thanks to advances in ultrasound technology.

Warning: Contains some graphic images.

Unfortunately, heartbreaking images of the aftermath of abortion during the first weeks of life also depict the humanity of the preborn child, as well as the violence that brings about the destruction of these young lives. Former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino, explains the first-trimester suction abortion procedure, also known as an Aspiration D & C, in the video below:


The force of the suction, which he says is “a force 10-20 times more powerful than your household vacuum cleaner,” rips the preborn child apart. Research now shows that fetuses can feel pain as early as eight weeks gestation at an even greater intensity than born children and adults do.

Photographs can fuel a movement, and the following powerful images convey the violence of abortion and the callousness of the abortion industry. These images are graphic as they show what is left of the fetus after a suction abortion, but they also show just how clearly human preborn children are. (Images courtesy of and

The hand and arm of an aborted baby at 7 weeks gestation with placental material. Photo courtesy of and


The hand and arm of aborted baby killed at Woman’s Choice abortion clinic. Whole arm fits on a dime. 7 weeks gestation. Photo courtesy of and


The leg and foot— 8 weeks—notice veining. Photo courtesy of and


The spinal column and rib cage of an aborted baby, 8 weeks gestation. Photo courtesy of and


An aborted fetus’s leg with thigh bone protruding. 8 weeks gestation. Photo courtesy of and


Legs of an aborted baby at 8 weeks gestation. Note the well-defined toes. Photo courtesy of and

Just seconds before the suction abortion had begun, these innocent children were busy kicking these legs and waving these hands. Inside that rib cage was a beating heart.  Research shows that preborn children at this age will react to touch just as the rest of us do, and back away from abortion instruments.

With their own unique DNA from the moment of conception, everything has been determined for these children. They are human, as can clearly be seen in the photographs, they feel pain and respond to stimuli, and all they need is more time to grow inside the safety of their mother’s wombs.

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