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New poll: UK doctors have serious concerns about at-home abortion pill’s safety


At-home chemical abortions are on the rise, and a new UK poll shows that most British general practitioners (GPs) are concerned about it. Since March of 2020 and the start of the coronavirus pandemic, government regulations around the distribution of the abortion pill were loosened so that a woman could be prescribed the abortion pill regimen after a virtual consultation, rather than taking the pill after an in-person office visit. The plan was to dispense the pill by mail to be taken prior to 10 weeks gestation. The lax restrictions were supposed to be a temporary measure, but the UK government is now considering making those changes permanent. 

Yet the temporary measure has left British GPs with serious concerns, as evidenced by a new poll conducted by Savanta Comres on behalf of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) and Christian Concern. The poll finds that, out of 1,000 British GPs surveyed, the vast majority had misgivings about DIY at-home abortions by pill.

Approximately 86% of British GPs were concerned about the possibility of coercion by a family member, 87% were concerned about unwanted abortions arising from domestic abuse, 86% were concerned with possible use of the abortion pill beyond the 10 weeks’ gestation legal limit, and 82% were concerned that abortion pills may be obtained fraudulently on behalf of others.

Additionally, 92% were concerned that “callers giving false information” could “easily obtain abortion drugs,” 94% were concerned with the challenge of collecting “correct medical and personal information,” and 94% were concerned with the need for “checks” to ensure women meet the “legal criteria.”

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According to a news release, SPUC’s deputy CEO John Deighan said, “These results are a searing indictment of a rushed, badly-thought through policy. The Department of Health is clearly and completely out of touch with GP’s opinion on this issue. This reckless policy must end.” In Wales alone, this so-called ‘reckless policy’ has led to a 100% increase in ambulance calls since the at-home abortion policies were put in place.

“The risks of coercion are obvious, as are the mental health implications for women of having to dispose of a terminated pregnancy themselves. Despite the rise in domestic violence during the COVID-19 lockdown the government has chosen to abandon women to DIY abortion, with no safeguarding to protect them from coercion or abuse,” Deighan added. “The sad reality is that many more women will likely now be coerced into abortion [by] an abusive partner.”

Abortion on demand already enables serial abusers to cover-up their crimes. As a Live Action investigation has shown, Planned Parenthood has disregarded clear signs of criminal victimization. Removing the human interaction required for an abortion would make it even easier for serial abusers like Scottish man Shaun Wilson, who told one of his victims to get an abortion or he would kill the baby regardless.

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