Planned Parenthood puts abortion above human trafficking victims. Again.

Planned Parenthood is playing abortion politics once again on Capitol Hill – this time, maneuvering pawns across the Senate floor in a debate over protections for victims of human trafficking. While Planned Parenthood has publicly joined Senate Democrats in filibustering a bill that would help victims of human trafficking, the reason why is appalling: to protect their bottom line.

Once again, Planned Parenthood is framing the conversation to deflect attention from its desire to protect its funding and abortion-on-demand business model – and its actions are consistent in both public lobbying efforts, as well as in abortion facilities across the country.

A quick glance at Planned Parenthood’s social media shows the corporation’s abortion-first ideology, at the expense of human trafficking victims.

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Time and time again, Planned Parenthood puts abortion before the victim, sweeping child sex-trafficking and sexual abuse under the rug if it means raking in more blood money through abortions.

Live Action’s undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood exposes the abortion giant’s willingness to aid and abet child sex-traffickers. In multiple clinics across four different states, Planned Parenthood employees willingly offered to help pimps continue to keep children in slavery, giving them access to abortion, birth control, and STD testing – all without notifying law enforcement, as required by law.

The following investigation into a New Jersey facility shows a Planned Parenthood manager illegally coaching a pimp on how to obtain secret abortions for his child sex slaves, and how to avoid detection by law enforcement to keep young girls in slavery. Instead of reporting the crimes, the Planned Parenthood manager aids the pimp and helps to cover up his illegal child sex-trafficking ring.

Live Action investigations expose that these egregious cover-ups are not anomalies within the abortion corporation. While Planned Parenthood touts its care for victims of human trafficking, in secret, it aids perpetrators who force women and children into abortions. In public, the abortion giant spins the dialogue, challenging lawmakers for pushing an “extreme agenda” bent on restricting abortion access. In both scenarios, it is business as usual for Planned Parenthood.

Many human trafficking victims report having abortions during their time as a sex slave, as Planned Parenthood has pointed out in their incessant lobbying to prevent this bill from passing.

What Planned Parenthood does not point out, however, is that the majority of these women who get abortions did not want them – they were forced into the abortion by their captors so they could be quickly placed back onto the market. Planned Parenthood keeps that fact quiet, though.

Never mind that abortion allows sex traffickers to cover up their crimes. Never mind that women are often given little to no follow-up care, resulting in further pain and injury. Never mind that a woman who is a victim of human trafficking is, by definition, under the control of a pimp and unable to freely consent to anything. Never mind that trafficking victims usually are forced into slavery as teenagers.

These victims are women and children who are forced to endure beatings, rape, and forced abortions – yet Planned Parenthood is concerned over a loss of profit because this legislation does not permit restitution money to fund abortion.

Sure, they talk a big game. They pretend that they’re concerned about human trafficking victims; they churn out empty platitudes about helping the victims and protecting a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body. But remember what happens when Planned Parenthood is actually faced with these victims.

Instead of helping victims get to freedom, Planned Parenthood perpetuates human trafficking, inflicting more violence on women and children, and then sends them right back into the hands of their captors.

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