Planned Parenthood employee’s profanity laden rant hyped by Raw Story

Without accurate facts and superior reasoning to vindicate their position, the pro-abortion media often finds itself having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for morale boosts.

On Friday, Raw Story’s Tom Boggioni provided a golden example of the phenomenon by gushing over how “awesome” it was to read a Portland, Oregon Planned Parenthood employee known only as Damien “smack down” pro-lifers in a Tumblr post (Tumblr sign-up required to read) and follow-up to critics supposedly illustrating the critical importance of the abortion giant’s work.

For those keeping score, profanity-laden rants that coddle pro-abortion biases and ignoring news stories that undermine the preferred narrative meet Raw Story’s definition of awesome; fact-checking reports before publishing them and accurately characterizing articles you’re criticizing do not.

Today a 16 year old boy was brought into the clinic by his aunt to ‘have the talk’ because his school didn’t teach sex ED and his mother wouldn’t talk to him about sex.

Assuming the anecdote is true (always important to keep in mind when dealing with the prenatal execution industry), it’s a straw man at best—parents who refuse to tell their kids anything about sex as late as sixteen are a pretty extreme outlier, and virtually nobody is against sex education per se in schools; we oppose the teaching of extreme, permissive values that can accompany it. In fact, if someone is a critic of sex ed. programs, odds are it’s because they want to be the ones who teach their kids about the subject.

I got to have the sex talk with him. I showed him how to properly use a condom and protect himself and his partners.

Here, Damien unwittingly admits why we don’t trust his organization with this subject. He didn’t just give the teen health information; he also imparted his values to him. He told him it was okay to have sex as a minor, and even accepted the premise that he was going to have partners, plural. Granted, it’s not as extreme as when his employers have actively encouraged minors to experiment with promiscuity, visit porn shops, or give partners HIV without their knowledge, but it’s still a clear breach of what any responsible adult professional should be telling children who aren’t his own.

Even in a culture where traditionalists seem to be losing the public-opinion battle over extramarital sex, I desperately hope society isn’t so far gone that people of all or no religions can’t agree, at a minimum, that having sex (a) as a minor and (b) with anyone you do not know extremely well and cannot trust completely is incredibly reckless behavior nobody should endorse?

And then we spent 20 minutes talking about consent and how important it is.

The idea that anyone needs Planned Parenthood of all organizations to explain the importance of consent is preposterous. If someone truly does not understand a tenet of human decency as basic as “if someone doesn’t want to have sex you don’t get to rape her,” it’s not because he needs more Planned Parenthood; it’s because he’s a sociopath who needs to be taken off the streets.

And then, of course, there’s the irony of treating Planned Parenthood as an authority on consent when the organization doesn’t think women should be fully informed of abortion’s dangers and ramifications before consenting to an abortion, doesn’t care about a parent’s consent when a child wants to make a life-altering decision she’s too young to understand, and doesn’t respect a preborn child’s inability to consent to being killed.

You may have noticed that in the above case for why “Planned Parenthood is important,” Damien completely ignored the subject of abortion…y’know, the entire reason his employers are controversial in the first place. His post could have been about delivering soup to homeless orphans, and it still wouldn’t have resolved the problem that performing legitimate services on the side is not a cover for slaughtering children en masse. Which one reader noticed, and replied:

It is the parents’ duty to have “the talk” with their kids, not a government funded organization that murders babies.

Here’s where Damien’s demeanor suddenly becomes suspiciously unlike the image of a caring health professional the audience has been given:

First of all f***truck: I am not a government employee.

He didn’t say you were, genius. What he did say is true: Oregon taxpayers were forced to give your bosses $3.6 million in the 2013-2015 budget cycle, $1 million of which financed abortions.

Second: zero babies have ever been murdered in a planned parenthood.

Really? That would come as a surprise to the authors of PPFA’s most recent annual report, which puts its number of babies murdered in a Planned Parenthood in a single year at 327,653. The only way Damien can pretend otherwise is by playing childish semantic games to pretend fetuses aren’t babies and killing them isn’t murder.

I didn’t say a god d*** word about abortion but you had to get your f***ing tighty whiteys in a bunch because an organization that you know nothing about is doing good things for millions of people and you hate it.

Or maybe because an alleged anecdote about sex-ed. lessons was a straw-man argument. Teaching kids about the birds and the bees does not mean we shouldn’t be outraged that your organization also kills babies, that your organization should be allowed to continue killing babies, or that you deserve taxpayer funding while also killing babies—just as the Ku Klux Klan providing aid to the widows and orphans of Confederate soldiers did not justify their terror campaign against black Americans.

Shut your face up about s*** you don’t understand you f***ing dump truck.

What a compelling rebuttal!

This is the level of reasoning, compassion, and honesty you can expect when you walk into a Planned Parenthood. This is what the organization is proud of and what its allies in the media are impressed by. So I guess we have to hand it to Damien: his posting was even more educational than he’d hoped.

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