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Informed consent is anti-woman?

Apparently, keeping women in the dark is pro-woman.

The Arizona Department of Health Services launched a new website last week called “A Woman’s Right to Know.” The website has information on pregnancy, abortion, and various resources available to women. It’s not required for women to read it prior to obtaining an abortion. But that doesn’t keep the pro-abortion radicals at Jezebel from having a temper tantrum over it. Because, you know, making information freely available is anti-woman and shames them, or something.

Arizona’s Department of Health Services built a new website last week called “A Woman’s Right to Know.” Fascinating! What do you think women have the right to know about? A full range of contraceptive options? How the new Affordable Care Act works? The best happy hour spots in the state? No, silly! Women have the “right” to know about the emotional and physical dangers of abortion, because women who choose to get the extremely safe medical procedure are probably too dumb to understand how abortion works and therefore should be pressured into changing their minds.

… Make no mistake: the website is biased, and if Humble doesn’t think so, he’s either lying or stupid. The title itself — “A Women’s Right to Know” — is incredibly patronizing. The first paragraph on the home page doesn’t define abortion or even explain why a woman might choose to terminate a pregnancy; instead, it states that ” an abortion shall not be performed or induced without the voluntary and informed consent of the woman for whom the abortion is to be performed or induced. If your doctor performs an abortion on you without obtaining your voluntary consent or without allowing a private medical consultation they may be liable to you for claims in a civil action.” Because it’s that easy for women to get abortions, you guys! Those wily doctors will give you an abortion even if you don’t want one! Lock your windows!

This oh-so-offensive website lists – gasp!! – what women can expect to happen before and during an abortion. It also lists the risks of having an abortion, the different kinds of abortion, information on fetal development, and resources in existence should a woman choose to keep her baby. It even lists risks of pregnancy and childbirth. Worst of all, it encourages women to…ask questions before the abortion! The horror!

The nerve of those evil Arizona pro-lifers, making information available on the internet! How dare they?!

In all seriousness, what’s laughable is that these pro-aborts are so outraged simply because this information is being made available. It’s not mandatory or required in any way for women to view this website before having an abortion. And while the abortion fanatics wouldn’t like women to know this, there are doctors who have given women abortions without their consent (ahem, Dr. Neuhaus). And it’s a fact that abortionists aren’t exactly, well, truthful about pregnancy and fetal development. Giving women an avenue to get the facts about pregnancy, abortion, fetal development, and what to expect during an abortion and pregnancy is in no way anti-woman, and it doesn’t shame women for having an abortion. It’s called information. Call me crazy, but since when did making medical information easily accessible become a bad thing?

Yet for some reason, pro-aborts always seem to have this strange aversion to making information about abortion freely available. Why is that, exactly? And what does it tell us about them that they’re so scared to have information out there and readily accessible?

Why, it almost seems like they’d rather keep women uninformed and in the dark. I wonder why that might be.

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