With new prez, Planned Parenthood continues to spout old lies

Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, abortion giant Planned Parenthood had its new president, Leana Wen, appear on The View. Wen’s job was clear: defend tired, old talking points regardless of the actual data. Whoopi Goldberg introduced the new president by saying, “Depending on who you talk to, people have very different ideas of what Planned Parenthood is.” Indeed. That’s why it’s best to consult the facts.

Wen’s segment begins around 21:46 in the video below:

Here are five tired, old lies Planned Parenthood continues to spout — even while using a new face and voice to do it:

Lie #1: Women need Planned Parenthood for healthcare

Sigh. When can we stop with the talking point that any single organization is “essential” for the survival of womankind? Wen claimed that, in the “last 100 years” her new boss “has done more for women’s health than any other” organization.

When was the last time we defined killing off a significant portion of the next generation of women as “doing more for women’s health”? One would generally imagine that, to benefit the health of a particular population, that population should first be aided in its struggle to live in those first, vulnerable moments.

Additionally, Wen skipped the actual data, which shows a massive decline in the number of women (and men) turning to Planned Parenthood for anything: In 2011, three million people went to Planned Parenthood. By the 2016-2017 year, Planned Parenthood reported the number had declined to 2.4 million. (Source: Planned Parenthood 2016-2017 Annual Report) Between 2007 to 2017, the abortion chain closed over 200 facilities.

In tracking abortion numbers at Planned Parenthood, every single year shows they either remain constant or increase; legitimate services for women, however — such as cancer screenings — have taken a deep dive.

Lie #2: Planned Parenthood helps kids

This one is odd. Confusing. Downright deceptive, even. Although almost no Planned Parenthood locations provide prenatal services (and zero provide infant or pediatric care), the abortion giant has taken to using babies and happy-looking children in its ads — including in the video introducing Wen as president.

On “The View,” while discussing the de-politicization of Planned Parenthood, Wen stated: “Healthcare shouldn’t be political. Needing medication for your children isn’t political.”

How that possibly relates to the actual work of Planned Parenthood is quite puzzling. Unless, of course, “medication for your children” means medication used to poison them in the womb.

Of course, making baseless claims about the work of Planned Parenthood is nothing new for the organization’s presidents. Cecile Richards was caught red-handed claiming that women could come to Planned Parenthood for mammograms when, in reality, the abortion giant does exactly zero mammograms and isn’t licensed to do them.

In addition, former president Cecile Richards’ own stated goal for the abortion conglomerate was to make it the “largest kick-butt political organization” in the country. Surely Wen is aware of this.

Lie #3: People should stop worrying about taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood

Wen claimed, “Planned Parenthood doesn’t get a check from the federal government.” She attempted to explain the old, tired line that, instead, her organization receives “reimbursements” from the government.

The problem? Those “reimbursements” have been the source of thousands and thousands of dollars in taxpayer fraud in multiple states. And this isn’t a claim from pro-life advocates: it’s a claim supported by plenty of documentation from the Government Accountability Office.

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Lie #4: Women will die from abortions without Planned Parenthood

After Wen briefly described seeing a woman who had died from a botched abortion, she then claimed it happened because the woman had no access to healthcare and resorted to asking her cousin to commit an abortion on her. Wen then claimed, “I see that happening all the time.”

However, if it were true that Wen — an ER doctor — sees women coming in “all the time” from botched abortions, it would mean two things: 1) Planned Parenthood is botching more abortions than its staff lets on (particularly considering the fact that it is the nation’s largest abortion chain), or 2) Planned Parenthood is not meeting the supposed demand for “healthcare” (read: abortion) it claims women need. After all, if, in today’s day and age, American women are resorting to home abortions “all the time,” Planned Parenthood clearly isn’t there for them.

But if this were true, why would the abortion corporation be closing its own facilities due to lack of demand?

Of course, the reality is that this is another old, tired line that the abortion industry has used for decades. Anytime they believe the law is about to restrict abortion, they make exaggerated claims regarding the number of women who are dying. Prior to Roe v. Wade, women were surviving botched abortions at record rates, due to the medical discovery of penicillin. Yet the abortion industry still claimed (and claims today) that women were dying in the thousands.

The founder of the pro-abortion group NARAL explains:

In his book, “The Abortion Papers,” Dr. Nathanson admitted that the 5,000 to 10,000 death figure which was fed “to the public and the media in the late 1960’s,” was fabricated because it was a “nice, round, shocking figure.”

Similarly, it’s a “nice, round, shocking figure” for today for Planned Parenthood to spout the idea that women are dying in hospital rooms “all the time” because of botched abortions. But it simply isn’t true.

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