BREAKING: Planned Parenthood closed 32 facilities in 2017

BREAKING: Planned Parenthood closed 32 facilities in 2017

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The nation’s number one abortion corporation is getting smaller every day. That’s the news from the American Life League (ALL), which recently released its annual “Planned Parenthood Facilities Report.” Among the 2017 findings:

  • Planned Parenthood closed 32 of its facilities in 16 states and opened just five new facilities in five states.
  • Planned Parenthood has shuttered 36 percent of its facilities, going from a high of 938 in 1995 to 597 facilities today (356 of which offer either medical or surgical abortion, or both, which is roughly 60 percent of Planned Parenthood facilities).
  • With the closure of its only Wyoming affiliate this year, the state joined North Dakota as one of two states without a single Planned Parenthood facility.

ALL notes that only “10 states account for 60 percent of all Planned Parenthood facilities in the United States,” including “California (104), New York (58), Washington (33), Texas (31), Ohio (24), Pennsylvania (24), New Jersey (23), Florida (22), Wisconsin (21), and Michigan (19).”

ALL’s report states that while “Planned Parenthood has tried to offset this loss of facilities by opening larger and more upscale buildings to attract new customers and accommodate those people who went to its now closed facilities…  this is not working.” Instead, the report details that “during the ten years between 2006-2015”:

Planned Parenthood closed 24.9 percent of its facilities and saw its customer base drop by 23.6 percent. The dwindling facilities and customer numbers have also had an effect on Planned Parenthood’s single most costly activity—abortions. Despite its ever increasing emphasis on abortion, it has struggled to even maintain its abortion numbers.

The abortion corporation has averaged 328,302 abortions a year in the last eight year, and with these reduced numbers of abortion facilities opened, ALL believes it is possible that over 50,000 preborn babies will live to see life outside the womb in 2018.

While Planned Parenthood spins rhetoric to make Americans believe it’s a thriving health care clinic, the reality has not changed: it’s a profitable abortion corporation disguised as a non-profit. In reality, Planned Parenthood’s real work is taking the lives of one-third of a million preborn babies every year, and yet even with that money lining its purses, abortion is a dying business as more Americans are seeing the reality of life in the womb.

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