Mother shares photos of baby with acrania, who died at birth

Clark Job Edman was born on September 15, 2015. While still growing in the womb he had been diagnosed with acrania, a fetal anomaly in which either part or all of the skull does not develop. Babies with acrania do not live outside the womb for long, if at all.

Yet, Clark’s mother celebrated his life, recognizing him as her precious son.

After his birth, Clark’s mother Genavive shared photos of her son and her pregnancy, labor, and delivery on Facebook saying that “life is precious, miraculous, worthwhile and beautiful.”

She writes:

[…] we were blessed to spend 9 beautiful months with him. We made the most of our time and love him as our child. Perhaps we love him so strongly that we gave him a lifetime of love in less than a year. We will continue to love him even though he’s gone.


Genavive asked people not to report the photos of her son and ask Facebook to remove them. She noted that these are the only photos her family has of Clark and instead of reporting them, she asked that people who couldn’t handle the images simply turn away and say a prayer for her family.


Michelle Nagle Photography

After Clark’s birth, his big brother and other family members were able to come meet him and say their goodbyes.


Michelle Nagle Photography

Edman goes on to say:

As you can see our family has been with us throughout this time and loved their brother, grandson and nephew too. We cherish his life and these moments forever until God sees it best to reunite us in heaven.


Clark being held by his father Cameron. Michelle Nagle Photography


Michelle Nagle Photography


Michelle Nagle Photography

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