Media tries to associate unrelated shooting with Planned Parenthood

Media tries to associate unrelated shooting with Planned Parenthood

We’re all familiar with how abortion advocates have politicized last week’s tragic shooting in Colorado Springs.  While the accusations that pro-life “rhetoric” somehow incited the violence are absolutely ridiculous, they could appear at least vaguely relevant, since the shooting took place at a Planned Parenthood.

But since then, the media has taken things to a whole new level of absurdity, bringing up Planned Parenthood in a completely unrelated shooting.

On Wednesday, 14 people were killed and 21 injured in a shooting at a social services center in San Bernardino, California. The New York Times reports that law enforcement discovered thousands of rounds of ammunition – and 12 pipe bombs – at the home of the suspects, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The shooting was carried out at Farook’s work Christmas party. Law enforcement has not yet officially stated a motive, but the New York Times reports:

Law enforcement officials said the F.B.I. had uncovered evidence that Mr. Farook was in contact over several years with extremists domestically and abroad, including at least one person in the United States who was investigated for suspected terrorism by federal authorities in recent years.

Bloomberg Business, which calls itself “The first word in business news,” had an entirely different angle on reporting the shooting.

“San Bernadino [sic] shooting happened less than two miles from a Planned Parenthood health clinic…”

Really? Does that seem relevant? Commenters on both sides of the abortion debate did not seem to think so:

Shortly after the  tweet relating the shooting to Planned Parenthood, Bloomberg Business had to backtrack:

Of course, by the time this admission occurred, other sources had already jumped on the bandwagon – because apparently the fact that something did not happen at a Planned Parenthood is news.

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