Male heckler ironically interrupts female pro-life speaker on behalf of “women”

On Wednesday, Lila Rose and other pro-life leaders expressed their concern about Planned Parenthood’s increasingly negative impact on American culture. Lila Rose pointed out that, as a woman, she finds Planned Parenthood’s complicity with the rapes of underage girls offensive.

At precisely this moment, a male heckler sabotaged the podium to shout insults at Rose and the pro-lifers showing their support.

Stop interfering with women’s private healthcare decisions. This is a sham. This is a ridiculous protest. It’s a totally legal procedure. Stop messing with women’s lives. Shame on you.

What the heckler failed to intuit before opening his mouth was the fact that the underage girls to whom Rose referred had no say in their “reproductive healthcare,” and their procedures were not “totally legal” — far from it, in fact.

Pro-life: 1. Bro-choice: 0.


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