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Live Action’s new ‘I Saw My Baby’ website shines a light on abortion pill trauma

Live Action’s new webpage, “I Saw My Baby,” brings awareness to the personal stories of women who took the abortion pill and experienced the horror of seeing their babies afterward, as well as facts about the abortion pill that mainstream media rarely ever discusses. The page contains a report on the abortion pill and eight videos telling the stories of various women.

The “I Saw My Baby” report addresses statistics related to use of the abortion pill and describes its method of action. It also details complications risks, including “serious and sometimes fatal infections or bleeding,” as well as nausea, weakness, fever/chills, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, and dizziness.

The report also discusses the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) for the abortion pill and the ways in which those safety requirements have evolved over time. 

The abortion industry’s “no-test protocol” – which eliminated all preliminary labs, testing, and blood work needed to accurately date a pregnancy and rule out ectopic pregnancies – is also discussed. Because of this approach to dispensing the abortion pill, many women have taken the drug past the 10-week gestational limit dictated by the FDA, sometimes with tragic results. The “no-test protocol” also puts women at risk of taking the drug in cases of undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy; the abortion pill is not effective against ectopic pregnancies, and, if left undiagnosed, they can be fatal for the mother.

The abortion industry’s misuse of misoprostol, the second drug in the FDA-approved abortion pill regimen, and the ways in which this can potentially endanger women taking the abortion pill, are also covered by the report.  

Incestuous funding ties between those who have invested in, those who test the efficacy of, and those who profit from the abortion pill, are discussed in the report, as well. Groups who have invested in the manufacturing of the abortion pill have also financially backed the studies and researchers responsible for establishing its alleged safety – a clear conflict of interest.

Lastly, the maternal trauma that can result from use of the abortion pill is covered by the report, which details the personal experiences of many women who have been negatively affected by the drug.

The personal stories of eight women who saw their dead babies after taking the abortion pill are also shared on the “I Saw My Baby” webpage.

Kirsty described her abortion pill experience as being like a scene out of a horror movie:


Salome says she felt like part of her died after taking the abortion pill:


Monica screamed and collapsed when she saw her dead baby:


Leslie sobbed as she flushed her child down the toilet:


Christina held her child’s tiny body in her hand after an experience she said “felt like hell”:


Natalia bled alone in her bed for three days after flushing her baby:


Elizabeth bled so much she was afraid she might die:


Tami describes holding her dead baby boy in her arms and crying after taking the abortion pill.

All eight videos and the report can be found here, along with the abortion pill stories of Patricia and Courtney.

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