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Live Action has been on the front lines of the battle to end abortion for years, with full knowledge that stopping abortion is about changing hearts and minds. Abortion is a human rights issue, and Live Action works to educate society on what abortion really is through videos, investigations, and articles. Recently, people shared with Live Action their amazing stories of lives saved and hearts and minds changed because of the pro-life organization’s work.

“[Y]ou have helped me change my mind on abortion and i thank you so much,” wrote one Live Action supporter. “[…] for the longest time i was pro choice, but after seeing ur posts, i know that every life deserves a chance, [because] God created all of us for a reason.”

D&E Abortion

Another Live Action supporter wrote: “My friend was considering abortion. I told her I would walk her to the clinic if she watched your video on how the procedure is done. She drove out of that Planned Parenthood parking lot and never came back.”

Live Action

The video she mentions is one of Live Action’s Abortion Procedures videos which were created in collaboration with former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino who has since devoted his life to ending the injustice of abortion. He knows firsthand what abortion procedures entail. In the video below, he explains how a D&E “dismemberment” abortion kills a child:


Many formerly pro-choice individuals who watched this video on dismemberment abortion commented that they could not believe what they saw became pro-life:

  • “I feel so terrible for being Pro Choice and now am Pro Life.”
  • “I no longer agree with abortions.”
  • “… people should definitely be forced to watch this video before an abortion I’m sorry I am definitely no longer pro choice it’s murder [I don’t care] what anyone says.”
  • “I’m pro choice, and this is… OMG this is horrifying. I was always against anything past 12 weeks anyway.. But my entire view has been called into question. Its so easy to say your [pro] choice when you don’t have to look at what that means.”
  • “I have always been pro choice but after seeing this video I would have to say I am now pro life. Tears are running down my face as I watched this.”
  • “I had no idea that dismembering a live baby was common practice. I haven’t cried this hard in a long time. How is this legal?”
  • “I was always pro choice… Until now. My heart is broken In my opinion ALL abortion clinics must show this video, or the appropirate video for the gestational period of the mother, before any consent to abort is in place…. Agh I’m so sad.”
  • “As much as I want to support women’s right to abort their fetus, I can’t. This video is proof that abortion is killing.”
  • “I’m glad I watched this video. It has changed my views on abortion.”
  • “I used to be pro choice….. not anymore, I am horrified, this video alone has changed my mind. this has changed my opinion towards abortion. OMG I’m crying!!!!!”
  • “Very interesting viewpoint. I was on the fence on this topic but after watching the video I’m on your side. Thanks, I’ll share these viewpoints the next time this subject comes up for conversation.”

Live Action

Medication abortion

While it is easy to be outraged over the dismemberment of innocent preborn children in the second trimester, videos on first-trimester abortions have also helped to convert abortion supporters into pro-lifers. In the abortion pill video below, Dr. Levatino explains how the abortion pill works to kill preborn children:


“Thank you for the work you do in educating women to what is happening to their unborn children in an abortion,” wrote one viewer. “I used to think that if you aborted right away when you found out you were pregnant, it was okay. I no longer think that.”

D&C Abortion

In the video on first-trimester D&C abortions, Dr. Levatino discusses how a preborn child is suctioned out of the womb with a powerful vaccuum. Pro-choicers claim that since there is no visible body after the abortion that there was never a body, but in reality, the body existed but has been completely destroyed.


After watching this video, countless pro-choicers have become pro-life. When people realize what abortion truly is, they can no longer turn a blind eye:

  • “I was pro choice before i watched this”
  • “damn i might’ve just become pro life”
  • “its changed my mind. every young person should watch this. male and female.”
  • “I used to be pro choice but this is too damn much for me. This is MURDER.”

Live Action

Women have also shared their stories of choosing life for their own babies after watching Live Action videos:

  • “Was thinking of having [an abortion] but have changed my mind, disturbing”
  • “I’m pregnant & I just cried… I can’t kill my baby.

Live Action

Stories that save lives

After Live Action News shared the story of Baby Walter who was born prematurely at 19 weeks gestation, people reached out to his mother Lexi Fretz to tell her that Walter’s story had changed their minds and even saved their babies:

“There was a lady in a town next to ours who was sitting in an abortion clinic with her daughter,” Fretz said. “She was ready to go through with it. She said the whole time, she was thinking she shouldn’t be doing this. She went online while she was sitting there, and she saw Walter, and she started to cry – and they got up and left.”

Fretz shared other messages she had received, thanking her for sharing his story:

  • Just came across Walter’s pictures… I am pregnant and been in such a bad place this week. Did my first scan last week and he’s a boy, too. But this week I started praying for a miscarriage or decide to terminate since his father has shirked all responsibility. I asked God to gimme a sign today that we will be fine, or I go ahead and seek a termination tomorrow. A few hours later I see the link on Facebook. It put me to tears. But most importantly it has made me know without a doubt that i cannot do this to him.
  • I’m pregnant 8 weeks and for 3 weeks of that I have been in total agony what to do weather [sic] to keep him/her or abort ( I’m not in a great position for children at the moment) but you have put my life into perspective, I can love this baby and “get by” so that’s enough now for me, I’m keeping this baby I’m carrying and I’m going to treasure him/her for eternity.

One teenage girl, whose baby was saved after she saw Live Action’s videos, reached out directly to Live Action President Lila Rose to share her story:

Lila, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you do. I am currently pregnant with a little girl, I’m only 16, and when I first found out my parents and even I was set on abortion as I am so young and am still in school, but your speeches and persuasive arguments changed my mind. You helped me to see that their was a beautiful child inside of me, you helped me stand up to my parents. You saved my child’s life.

Man on the street interviews by the Live Action team have also helped to spread the truth about abortion outside of social media. Viewers can watch as people who consider themselves pro-choice quickly change their minds when they see the truth.


For decades, the abortion industry has worked overtime to hide the truth of abortion in order to make millions of dollars from the deaths of innocent preborn children and their mothers. In order to combat this, Live Action has focused on educating the world about what abortion truly is and does. Once you know the truth, you can’t hide from it.

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