VIDEO: Live Action CEO Lila Rose featured as face of Millennial pro-life movement

VIDEO: Live Action CEO Lila Rose featured as face of Millennial pro-life movement


This week, The Atlantic featured Live Action President and CEO, Lila Rose, in a piece titled, “The Face of the Millennial Anti-Abortion Movement” as part of its “Atlantic Documentaries” series.

You can watch the video here:

As seen in the video, Planned Parenthood predictably labeled Rose’s undercover videos as having been deceptively edited (as Planned Parenthood also baselessly claimed about the Center for Medical Progress videos, even when forensic analyses proved that there was no alteration or deceptive editing).

The video also states that no criminal prosecutions took place as a result of Rose’s undercover work. However, Planned Parenthood employees seen in some of Rose’s undercover videos were fired as a result.

In addition, former Planned Parenthood manager Ramona Treviño stated that when Planned Parenthood was exposed by Rose, it told the public it would “retrain” its employees on how to help girls who were trafficked or in abuse situations — but it didn’t. Instead, Treviño says Planned Parenthood trained its employees on how to identify Rose and also how to identify if someone was recording or videotaping them. Trevino recalls the “training” provided by Planned Parenthood in which she spoke up:

“Jean, uh, I guess what I’m wondering is, what we do to as managers if something like this really does happen at our clinics?” I asked. “How can we be prepared so that if it does happen, we can make sure our clients are safe and nothing illegal is going on?”

An awkward silence followed, and then Jean, clearly taken aback, responded in a stern voice, “We’re not here to discuss that, Ramona. We’re here to identify whether we’re being violated by an undercover operation.” …

Former Planned Parenthood manager Sue Thayer experienced something similar. As previously reported by Live Action News, “The Planned Parenthood administrators put Lila Rose’s photo on the wall so that workers could identify her if she ever came in. Their concern was to prevent more undercover videos from being filmed.”

Clearly, Rose’s pro-life undercover work struck a nerve at Planned Parenthood, and Rose’s work against the nation’s most profitable and powerful abortion corporation continues today.

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