As Americans object to later abortions, Planned Parenthood sets goal to commit more

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Planned Parenthood, despite receiving taxpayer funds of over half a billion dollars a year, appears to be gearing up to commit more late abortion procedures than previously committed — at a time in gestation when a number of abortion providers find them uncomfortable. According to the TEACH Program (Training Early Abortion for Comprehensive Healthcare) workbook , published by an abortion training program at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), “The number of [abortion] providers decreases with increasing gestational age: 95% offer abortion at 8 weeks, 34% to 20 weeks, and 16% to 24 weeks.” Yet, taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood appears comfortable committing abortions at 24 weeks, despite opposition by a majority of Americans.

In 2015, undercover footage obtained by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) revealed Planned Parenthood abortionists discussing their expected weekly numbers of late-term, healthy “specimens” for procurement agencies and researchers – not ones with anomalies. It was at this time when, as Live Action News previously documented, Planned Parenthood’s late abortion expansion plan was set in motion. In July of 2014, then-Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood, Deborah Nucatola, told the Center for Medical Progress investigators that the number of babies aborted by Planned Parenthood at 20 weeks or greater would be increasing:

But what you’re going to see, and see more of is, the Planned Parenthood affiliates who do go to 20 weeks, their volume is going to go up, it’s not going down…There’s a lot of conversation about who goes to the legal limit in their state; if they don’t go to the legal limit in their state why don’t they? Is there another provider that does? So we’re about to start doing some mapping work to say, you know, are there states where nobody’s going to the legal limit? And if not, why not, and what can we do about that?

She added that at just one location, “You know, PPLA for example – probably about 3,000 2nd tris, 12,000 total.”

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Despite a developed baby being clearly depicted by Planned Parenthood at this stage, (see image below) at the “pregnancy” section of the abortion corporation’s website, Planned Parenthood openly advertises how they will end that same life in an abortion for pay. Below is a breakdown of some of their later abortion facilities listed online:

Image: Planned Parenthood fetal development at 22 weeks (Image PPFA website accessed 04162019)

Planned Parenthood fetal development at 22 weeks (Image PPFA website accessed 04162019)

Committing abortions up to 24 weeks (includes 23 weeks 5 or 6 days)

Abortions up to 23 weeks (includes 22 weeks/6 days)

Abortions up to 22 weeks (includes 21 weeks/6 days)

Abortions up to 21 weeks (includes 20 weeks/6 days)

Planned Parenthood’s “pregnancy” website states:

  • During the 6th month: Your fetus starts to develop blood cells, taste buds, eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • During week 23-24: The fetus has a CRL [crown rump length] of about 8 inches (20 cm). Eyebrows and eyelashes usually develop between weeks 23 and 26.
  • During week 21-22: The fetus has a CRL [crown rump length] of about 7 inches (18–19 cm). Bone marrow starts making blood cells. Taste buds begin to form.

For more accurate and complete information on fetal development, visit the Endowment for Human Development. (Incidentally, notes that taste buds are present by 11-12 weeks, but the baby begins to actually use those taste buds at 25 weeks.)

And yet, Planned Parenthood commits abortions at this stage using a dismemberment D&E procedure. The gruesome method is demonstrated by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino in the video below:


According to Planned Parenthood’s “pregnancy” website:

  • When you’re 5 months pregnant: Your fetus develops soft body hair and a greasy coating that helps protect the skin. The fetus has a CRL of 5.5–6 inches (14–15 cm).
  • Between 19-20 weeks: The fetus has a CRL of about 6.5 inches (16 cm). Lanugo — a fine downy hair — covers the body. The skin is also covered with vernix caseosa, a greasy material that protects the skin. A uterus forms in a biologically female fetus.

The abortion vendor published this image below showing the developing child at 18 weeks.

Image: Planned Parenthood fetal development at 18 weeks (Image PPFA website accessed 04162019)

Planned Parenthood fetal development at 18 weeks (Image PPFA website accessed 04162019)

Despite this, Planned Parenthood will commit gruesome late abortion procedures at 20 weeks. Below is a small sample of where:

Committing abortions up to 20 weeks (includes 19 weeks/6 days)

An analysis from Operation Rescue also noted an increase in later abortion facilities, documenting that in 2018, “There are 133 abortion clinics that conduct abortions [at 20 weeks or later gestation]…. 37 are Planned Parenthood facilities….”

There is money to be made from later abortions, not to mention the potential for additional revenue from the body parts of these children. In 2014, Guttmacher reported that the median cost for an abortion at 20 weeks was $1,195. But, according to a 2018 Congressional Research Service Report, a study published in 2014, revealed that, “The median charge for an abortion at 20 weeks’ gestation in 2011 and 2012 was $1,350 (range, $750-$5,000).” …The Turnaway study found somewhat higher average prices: $2,014 for a later abortion and $519 for a first trimester procedure; data were collected from 2008 through the end of 2010.”

Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report reveals they committed 332,757 abortions in 2017, where they failed to break these numbers down by gestational age — and the reason why is anyone’s guess.

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