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A reminder on International Human Rights Day: Abortion isn’t a human right, because it kills humans

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Today is International Human Rights Day, and despite claims by abortion proponents, abortion is not a human right.

The reason for this should be obvious: because the act of abortion ends a pregnancy by killing a growing human in the womb. Therefore, abortion — the intentional homicide of a human not yet delivered — cannot be a human right.

Life, however, is a basic, natural human right. It is not a right that the government can give or take away because it is a basic and fundamental right that every human being who comes into existence at the moment of their creation — fertilization — is due. Abortion denies human beings that right in an act of barbaric violence. No human right has a victim count.

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“I believe women’s rights are indeed human rights,” explained Susanne Maynes of Pregnancy Help News. “However, I disagree that abortion is a right to which women are entitled. Here’s why: Merriam-Websters dictionary defines human rights as ‘a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person.’ In any discussion of human rights, imbalances of power and resulting injustices must be addressed.”

She also noted (emphasis added):

The moment you claim that your group gets to enjoy a human right at the expense of another group, you are no longer talking about human rights. You are simply demanding power over a people group different from your own. 

When a woman decides on an abortion, she is not merely exercising her human right to make reproductive choices. Rather, she is using her power and agency to violate her baby’s most fundamental right—the right to live.

Commentator Ben Shapiro once strongly stated (emphasis added):

The idea that you get to murder a kid… no one has a ‘right to choose’ this. No one… you don’t get to kill it just because it’s convenient to you…. That’s an individual human being, and if that baby were outside the womb and you stuck a knife through its chest, you’d be charged with first-degree murder. You kill it in the womb, and we call it a ‘human right.’

That’s not a ‘human right,’ because that’s a human and that human doesn’t have any rights because you just decided its rights are less important than your right to your own convenience.

He added, “This is not a matter of a ‘women’s right to choose. A slave owner didn’t get to ‘choose’ to hold slaves; Nazis didn’t get to ‘decide’ which Jews got to live. And don’t give me the, ‘it’s legal, therefore it’s okay.’ Lots of things were legal; lots of things in human history have been legal that were totally evil.”

The reality is that induced abortion kills innocent humans — and is, therefore, unethical. A woman’s possible feelings of empowerment or justification or relief after an abortion have no bearing on the ethics or morality of such a decision.

No one, regardless of any court ruling or law, has the right to cause harm to another living, innocent human being or to take that child’s life without due process of law. So while abortion advocates claim that pro-life laws restrict a woman’s so-called ‘human right’ to “control their bodies” by killing innocent humans, the truth is that pro-life laws protect the basic human right to life that pro-abortion laws try to steal from a certain class of human beings.

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