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Here’s why Planned Parenthood’s 3 percent abortion claim is misleading

Planned Parenthood officials, staff, and supporters love to spout the overly-tired phrase that abortions are only “3% of the services” the abortion giant provides.

But in recent days, their claim has been exposed as hugely deceptive. Even some in the mainstream media have refused to use Planned Parenthood’s 3% claim number. Let’s look at a few visual examples that show exactly why the 3% claim is such a joke.

Is it about the race or the water?

“The sponsors of the New York City Marathon could count each small cup of water they hand out (some 2 million cups, compared with 45,000 runners) and say they are mainly in the hydration business.” ~ New York Post, Rich Lowry in “Planned Parenthood’s pathetic ‘3%’ lie


Maybe the next marathon ad should read: “New York City Cups of Water: We’re rebranding as NYC’s ever-flowing fountain of life-giving liquid.”

(Photo credit: Raul Lieberwirth on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Raul Lieberwirth on Flickr)

The baseball or the hot dogs?

“…Major League Baseball teams could say that they sell about 20 million hot dogs and play 2,430 games in a season, so baseball is only .012 percent of what they do.” ~ New York Post, Rich Lowry in “Planned Parenthood’s pathetic ‘3%’ lie

You think it’s about this:

(Photo credit: Peter Miller on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Peter Miller on Flickr)

But, surprise, it’s actually about this:

(Photo credit: hmmlargeart on Flickr)

(Photo credit: hmmlargeart on Flickr)

The truck or the tires?

Should we start calling Ford mostly a tire company because they sell four tires for every one truck? When you compare all the maintenance work, oil changes, and no doubt the paperwork in the office – trucks have got to be way down there in the percent of services provided.

I mean, seriously… look at all the tires, guys.

(Photo credit: Charlie Essers on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Charlie Essers on Flickr)

So many tires; so few trucks.

(Photo credit: Chad Horwedel on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Chad Horwedel on Flickr)

The steak or the toothpicks, water, and mints?

What if your favorite steakhouse said steak was only 3% of their services because they also give you mashed potatoes (with gravy – better count that!), salad (with dressing!), water (with ice and lemon!), toothpicks (like five probably), and mints (at least a couplle) for when you leave?

What’s the real reason the steakhouse exists?

To give you (scratch that, make you pay for) this?

(Photo credit: Buie on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Buie on Flickr)

Or this? You decide.

(Photo credit: Crwr on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Crwr on Flickr)

For the record, I count four services in that last picture…water, lemon, ice, and seed.

The Super Bowl or the avocados?

When Super Bowl Sunday rolls around every year, is it about the one game that is at the heart of all the get-togethers, chicken wings, and shouting?

(Photo credit: Joe Parks on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Joe Parks on Flickr)

Or is it actually about those 71 million pounds of avocados that are used to make guac for the big game?

(Photo credit: Olle Svensson on Flickr)

(Photo credit: Olle Svensson on Flickr)

Yeah, I’d vote for the avocados, too.

In all seriousness now, it’s utter deception for Planned Parenthood to act as though abortion is merely a minor, almost not-worth-counting “service” that is performed in their clinics.

First, abortion is deadly serious – for the babies and sometimes for the mothers. Secondly, it’s obvious that abortion is a much larger and more expensive “service” than a breast exam, STI testing, or a packet of condoms. Finally, it’s incredibly telling that, when asked to reveal the amount of revenue Planned Parenthood receives from abortion each year, Cecile Richards informed Congress that she just didn’t know.

She sure could spout that 3% claim.

For more on how Planned Parenthood slices and dices numbers in its own favor, watch this five-minute exchange between Cecile Richards and Rep. Mark Meadows:

*Thank you to Rich Lowry of the New York Post and my fellow writers (and other staff members) at Live Action for the examples in this article.

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