Sorry, Gloria Steinem: Hitler supported eugenics, just like Planned Parenthood

Gloria Steinem, planned parenthood

On a tour to promote a series of essays she wrote in 1983, notorious pro-abortion feminist Gloria Steinem recently told the hosts of the Today show that pro-lifers are akin to Nazis.

During a discussion of her 1983 book Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, one of the hosts asked what readers can still learn from it. Steinem said she’s told by others that it’s still quite relevant. She added, “On a more serious note, to put it mildly, is why Hitler was actually elected – and he was elected – and he campaigned against abortion. I mean, that was — he padlocked the family planning clinics. Okay, so that is still relevant in the terms of the right wing. So there were very few things, actually, that I had to take out.”

Steinem’s quote is a reference to her essay, “If Hitler Were Alive, Whose Side Would He Be On?” which was originally printed in MS Magazine in 1980, which also appears in her book. In the essay, Steinem decries the pro-life efforts of social and religious conservatives prior to the election of Ronald Reagan and attempts to draw likenesses to the rise of Hitler.

Steinem’s comparison drew sharp criticism Thursday as pro-lifers pointed out that, in addition to the horrific “Final Solution” that killed over 6 million Jewish men, women, and children, the Nazis eugenics campaign is extremely well-documented. Only the “right” women were encouraged to procreate under Hitler’s reign, while abortion was authorized for Jews, those with Down Syndrome, and other classes of people deemed undesirable by Nazis.

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In contrast to the pro-lifers she maligns, Steinem has unwaveringly supported abortion giant Planned Parenthood, founded by eugenics enthusiast Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood continues to this day to target low-income black women, who abort at a rate almost four times higher than white women. As Laura Ingraham pointed out, “Hitler, just like Planned Parenthood, practiced and defended mass extermination all in the name of racial purity, which is exactly what the founder of Planned Parenthood believed. Margaret Sanger believed deeply in eugenics.” Read more on Planned Parenthood’s eugenic connections to the Nazi regime here.

The widespread practice of eugenic abortion, enabled by Planned Parenthood and allies like Steinem, has led to the slaughter of entire groups of stigmatized people in many parts of the world, like those with minor conditions such as Down Syndrome, or even females in China. Planned Parenthood has been caught receiving donations for the abortion of black babies. Annually, close to a million abortions occur in the US every year, with Planned Parenthood responsible for over a third of those.

In response to the question raised in the title of Steinem’s essay, if Hitler were alive, it would appear he would be on the side of the modern eugenicists: Planned Parenthood and Gloria Steinem.

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