Former late-term abortion worker: We aborted mostly healthy babies


Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director and founder of the pro-life group And Then There Were None, recently held a conference call featuring former abortion clinic workers. These workers shared details of what it’s like inside the clinics and those heartbreaking moments when they decided to leave the abortion industry.

Margot, who worked in a late-term abortion facility, shared her experience with guilt and shame while she worked in the industry.

“I worked at Planned Parenthood for about a year and then moved into a privately owned abortion center that did late-term abortions and I was there for five years,” explained Margot. “The heavy burden of guilt and shame never ever left in all those years because who can you talk to about this? If you tell somebody what you did they aren’t going to understand.”

Margot calls abortion “horrifying” but she truly believed that what she was doing was good and right and helpful for women. The abortion industry claims that late-term abortion is mostly used in cases where the life of the mother or health of the child are at risk, but Margot reveals that this is not the truth.

“Almost never [was it the case of fetal abnormality],” she said. “The highest profile of women having later-term abortions were completely normal pregnancies, quite often young, and sometimes had an abortion just for fear of having to tell someone they were pregnant or being so completely out of touch with their own body they didn’t understand how rapidly the pregnancy was progressing. […] Overwhelmingly the late-term procedures that we did were not for fetal anomalies.”

Margot also revealed that abortion is never really safe. She told callers that many of the staff members are not properly trained and that abortionists will do everything they can to avoid calling for help.

“Not all clinics are a Kermit Gosnell situation,” she said, referring to the notorious abortionist who killed born-alive babies by cutting their spinal cords. “But it’s also true. […] I was doing RN level work […] people who are not really adequately trained to do the tasks they are doing. We did everything we could not to call an ambulance. And we never told the women how close they came to almost dying. People would come back with complications.”

Those complications included hemorrhaging, embolisms, lacerations of the uterus, and perforations of the uterus. The clinic where she worked didn’t have any crash carts for emergencies and didn’t have any safeguards in place in case a patient’s health was in danger.

“… Because the marketing machine of the abortion industry has worked so hard to make it seem as if it’s not surgery, as if it’s some little procedure,” said Margot. “And that’s a great disservice to the women.”

For years, Margot lived her life with shame hanging over her head. She left the abortion industry but still lived with a great deal of regret and guilt. She tried to numb that pain with heavy drinking.

“After I left he abortion industry, the enormity of the things I had done, it weighed so heavily on me even years later,” she explained. “I’m ashamed to say that the doctor that I worked for used to compliment me that I was the best nurse because I was able to distract the patients with the best small talk. So I was being praised for diverting people’s attention from the fact that there baby was being murdered right there in the room.”

ATTWN will help clinic workers out of the abortion industry.

ATTWN will help clinic workers out of the abortion industry.

Finally, Margot found And Then There Were None and was able to attend retreats that helped her to heal.

“The only way through it and the only way to feel healing is that you really have to admit your culpability and you have to understand that there is no sin too great for God to redeem.”

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