FLASHBACK: 17,000 aborted babies found with ‘heads chopped off’ in storage container

aborted babies

In 1982, approximately 17,000 babies were found in a repossessed storage container in Los Angeles. The babies, many of whom were over 20 weeks gestation, were stored by a medical lab which received aborted babies from several states. A report by the Leader-Post quotes then-spokesperson for the District attorney’s office, Al Albergate, as saying, “They said between five and seven were possibly viable,” or could have survived outside the mother’s womb.

The babies were discovered at the residence of the lab owner, Melvin Weisberg, when the rented cargo container was repossessed for lack of payment. The container company sent men to pick it up, but when they reported back that it was too heavy to move, they were asked to empty the container. That is when — to their horror — they discovered the bodies.


“I roll out there and pick the box up and started pulling it up and it was so heavy,” a witness said of the container.

“I was asked… to have a crew go down and unload the container,” another witness stated.

“I got a radio call from… the foreman – they said the men were throwing up and there was something really wrong,” a spokesperson for the container company stated.

As the men began to go through the container, what they saw was beyond gruesome.

“One of them fell down… hit me at my feet, and, it was opened up and there it was a mutilated body. And, the more closer I looked at it — it was a human body,” witnesses stated.

“I couldn’t believe — just little bitty babies… all torn to pieces. The heads chopped off — arms, legs– …It just makes you sick seeing something like that. Really, you know, makes you want to cry to see something like that.”

Image: Grave of 17,000 fetal remains aborted in California

Grave of aborted children found in California

The gruesome effort of documenting the death of each child was captured by a photographer who said that he saw babies with  “eyes bulging and some where the chest cavity was ripped open. I do remember one where I saw the hand and the feet all apart. So, it was kind of like the hands were intact – the feet were in tact and everything else was more like a little potpourri, a little of everything. And, that was it — that kind of turned me.”

Images were preserved and published in a paper called The American Holocaust. Below are just a few.


Image: Autopsy picture of aborted babies found in LA storage container

Autopsy photo of aborted babies found in LA storage container found in 1982


Image: Autopsies on aborted babies found in storage container

Autopsies on aborted babies found in storage container


Image: American Holocaust aborted babies found in storage container

American Holocaust aborted babies found in storage container

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times at the time, “Abortion defenders argued that they should be incinerated as medical waste. But abortion foes wanted to give them a funeral. In the end, the remains were buried in six wooden boxes.”

Image: Aborted Babies found in container burial and prosecution American Holocaust newspaper

Aborted Babies found in container burial and prosecution American Holocaust newspaper

UPI reported that during the memorial service, County Supervisor Michael Antonovich read a eulogy written by President Reagan. Reagan recalled Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, saying, ‘Just as the terrible toll of Gettysburg can be traced to a tragic decision of a divided Supreme Court, here also can the deaths be mourned.’

In a separate incident from 1998, pro-lifers uncovered a container which housed thousands of aborted children. Operation Rescue preserved the images of the contents. According to OR, “This ‘lab’ is a depot for Family Planning Associates, California’s largest abortion mill chain. Every container holds a baby who was murdered by abortion. The size of the container is proportional to the age of the child. The larger containers hold 2nd trimester babies. Each of these children deserved to live.”


Image: container of aborted babies

container of aborted babies


A report from Cal-Catholic indicates that the images were taken by a pro-life activist who discovered the location of the pathology lab:

He noticed that the pathology lab had plenty of windows, so he thought he’d take a closer look.

Through those windows, Tim took photographs of hundreds of translucent plastic containers, each one holding the visible remains of aborted babies. The unrefrigerated tubs varied in size from a few ounces to large gallon buckets. One can hardly imagine the stench of death that must have permeated that office.

All of the grisly contents, according to the paperwork that could be seen in the photos, were the product of James Long’s handiwork at that Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in La Mesa.

Image: Path lab holds aborted babies in container (Image: Cal-Catholic)

Path lab holds aborted babies in container (Image: Cal-Catholic)

In 1992, 173 partially burned aborted babies were discovered in a vacant field; the oldest was 20 weeks gestation, according to reports. “These babies were just carted like garbage out here,” the Sheriff said at the time.

Oklahoma abortionist Nareshkumar Patel later admitted to authorities he was responsible for the unlawful disposal.

Image: Oklahoma abortion doc burns aborted babies in field

Oklahoma abortion doc burns aborted babies in field

In 1986, a pro-life group claims they found third trimester aborted babies outside an abortion facility in Houston, Texas. Read the disturbing details here.

Image: Third trimester aborted babies found in Houston 2

Third trimester aborted babies found in Houston 2

In 2015, a Michigan abortionist made headlines after police found multiple containers of aborted children and controlled substances in his car. And who can forget the case of Kermit Gosnell, who stored remains of babies he aborted (baby feet) like trophies. Just last week, authorities discovered over 2,000 fetal remains in the home of Indiana abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, who recently died.


Ironically, last week, journalists from the Center for Medical Progress were also in court to defend their right to expose the abortion industry’s gruesome aborted baby body parts trade.

It seems that since 1982, nothing has truly changed with the abortion industry — the result of this industry’s work is still buckets and jars of the remains of tiny, mutilated human beings.

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