Pro-life feminist: Abortion lets women treat babies as property, as men have long treated women

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Abortion advocates have long claimed that without abortion, women cannot be equal to men. This lie has spread so far and wide that even women believe their babies are enemies holding them back from equality and success.

Women, children, and men are all inherently equal because they are all human beings — persons. Nothing about them — eye color, hair color, age, race, gender, or ability to carry a child — diminishes that equality. If abortion makes women equal to men it is only because it is an act of oppression. New Wave Feminists founder Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa explained it perfectly in a recent response to the pro-abortion claim that women need abortion to be equal.

Eric Segall (@espinsegall) said in a tweet on May 1, “To be equal in society, women simply have to have the ability to control their own bodies and reproductive destinies. If you don’t think so, then you don’t want women to be equal with men. That’s all.”

This statement is meant to be a distraction from the real issue. Abortion is homicide against an entire group of human beings. Herndon-De La Rosa pointed out how misguided this tweet, and the pro-abortion mentality behind it, are. She wrote:

Abortion does make women equal to men. It allows women to treat the unborn as property just as men have treated us as property for centuries. So, you’re not wrong. We’d just rather equity over equality, with ALL people respecting ALL human life & no one being objectified.

She continued, “Feminism shouldn’t become the ‘new’ patriarchy, playing by the same misogynistic ‘might makes right’ rules. We want to smash patriarchy completely, not simply continue [its] oppressive nature with women at the helm.”

The cheap plan for women’s equality

Followers on the New Wave Feminist’s Instagram page agreed.

“How convenient,” wrote one commenter. “If that’s all we need to be equal then they don’t have to worry about equal pay, adequate paid maternity leave and so forth. Basically, this is the cheap plan for women’s ‘equality.'”

A fellow commenter replied to this with, “yesss!!! I have started to refer to abortion as ‘lazy policy’ for these exact reasons. Cuz doing the right thing involves a lot of hard work!”

Function like a man

Another follower of the organization wrote, “What we want is equal respect for our basic physiology. Not a Hobson’s choice to either function like a man or struggle. But apparently that’s asking too much.”

The legalization of abortion essentially sent a message to women that since oppressive and abusive men could use them for sex and then abandon both them and their babies when they became pregnant, then women should also be able to abandon their babies. But abortion is even darker because its method of abandonment meant women had to kill their babies in order to be equal. But if women have to become killers to be equal to men, something has gone very wrong.

Legal abortion hasn’t elevated the status of women or led to political equality. It turned women into oppressors.

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