Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren: Killing other humans by abortion is a ‘human right’

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Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren solidified her thoughts on abortion during the Democratic Debate this week when she was asked if there’s room in the Democratic party for pro-life Democrats like Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. She avoided directly answering the question, but stated, “Look, I believe that abortion rights are human rights.”

In reality, anything that is considered a human right cannot be something that kills an innocent human being. Logically, any act that intentionally takes the life of one human being cannot be called the right of another human being.


Warren continued:

I believe that [abortion rights] are also economic rights and protecting the rights of the woman to be able to make decisions about her own body is fundamentally what we do and what we stand for as a Democratic party. Understand this, when someone makes abortion illegal in America, rich women will still get abortions. It’s just gonna fall hard on poor women. It’s gonna fall hard on girls, women who don’t even know that they’re pregnant because they have been molested by an uncle.

Let’s examine this statement:

1. To call abortion an “economic right” implies that abortion is a necessity for underprivileged women — something Warren has emphasized before. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger viewed the poor as “undesirables” who needed to be weeded out with birth control. Sanger’s plan — and that of her contemporaries in the eugenics movement — was to ensure that only certain people reproduced. And the poorest in society were certainly not on the “approved” list. Today, abortion language is couched in the language of “empowerment” and “fairness” instead of the language of eugenics… but the effect is the same.

2. To say that making abortion illegal will “fall hard on girls” and women who have been sexually abused implies that women who become pregnant from rape need to have abortions. This contradicts the truth that most pregnant rape survivors choose life. In fact, two separate studies each found that over 73 percent of pregnant rape victims refuse abortion.

3. Many pregnant rape survivors who do abort their babies end up regretting it. Women have come forward to say that the abortion was additional trauma after rape. One survivor stated:

The rape was nothing compared to the abortion …  The abortion is something I will never get over. No one realizes how much that event damaged my life. I hate my rapist, but I hate the abortionist too. I can’t believe I paid to be raped. This will affect the rest of my life.

4. The abortion industry assists sexual predators, allowing them to continue to abuse their victims. Planned Parenthood itself has been caught repeatedly aborting the babies of rape victims as young as 12 years old and failing to report the abuse to authorities. They take the money for the abortions and send the victims home with their abusers to continue to suffer. That’s how little the abortion industry cares about women.


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Warren continued, saying, “I want to be an America where everybody has a chance.” But the preborn children being slaughtered by abortion are given no chance at all. When we exclude certain human beings from statements like these, what we really mean when we say “everybody” are the ones deemed “worthy”… the ones called “wanted.”

“I know it can be a hard decision for people, but here’s the thing: when it comes down to that decision, a woman should be able to call on her mother,” said Warren. “She should be able to call on her partner. She should be able to call on her priest or her rabbi. But the one entity that should not be in the middle of that decision is the government.” However, supporting the idea of taxpayer-funded abortions, as nearly all pro-abortion candidates do, is absolutely putting the government in the middle of the abortion decision.

Warren is right about one thing: abortion is and should be a hard decision. What she fails to mention is why it’s hard: because abortion is the deliberate ending of an innocent human life, and people instinctively know this. Abortion pits mother against child. Abortion forces a woman who thinks she has no other choice to “choose” abortion through oppression. To say abortion is a “hard decision also points to something the abortion industry denies: women suffer from abortion.

Killing (especially of the most innocent and vulnerable) should never be seen as a “human right.”

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