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Actress Elizabeth Banks touts abortion’s ‘safety’ as she promotes her new film

Elizabeth Banks

Actress Elizabeth Banks is making the media rounds as she promotes her new pro-abortion film “Call Jane” about pro-abortion activists in the late 1960s. As she discusses the film, Banks leans on very old and misleading pro-abortion talking points to promote abortion as a common good.

Abortion is “society’s insurance policy” for immature sex

Banks told Michel Martin, host of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” that “abortion is sort of our society’s insurance policy that, for all the sex that we all have that is not intended to make babies — and I don’t know about you, but most of the sex I’ve had in my life was not intended to make babies. And the idea that we are going to force birth and force pregnancy on people, it’s unconscionable to me and feels so un-American.”

The idea that sex should be free from commitment is one Planned Parenthood has promoted for years in order to build up both the birth control and abortion aspects of its business — and its STD testing and treatment as well. It might be common to have sex without the intention of creating babies, but that lack of intent does not mean babies cannot be created anyway — and killing them because of their inconvenience to their parents (and because of their size, location, level of development, and degree of dependency) is not a legitimate solution.

Yes, people have sex without the intent of creating a child, yet they still have sex with the knowledge that a child may very well be created regardless of their wishes. The vast majority of pregnancies occur during a consensual sexual act. One person’s sexual desires do not trump another person’s right to life. Killing another human being is not an “insurance policy” for the unwanted results of someone’s own actions.

In addition, no pro-life law or politician has the power to force pregnancy upon a woman. But once a woman becomes pregnant and a new human being exists, the government has the duty to protect that new human life from harm and violent death. It is very much an American value to protect the vulnerable and the innocent — and no one is more vulnerable and innocent than a preborn human being who cannot protect himself or herself.

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“Abortion is safer than dental work”

Banks also appeared on CBS Mornings where she said, “One of the things I love about the movie is that there’s a lot of mythology about abortion healthcare, that it’s really scary and you might die. I mean there’s literally activists that yell that at women who are going into clinics. And the fact of the matter is that an abortion is safer than most dental experiences. It’s safer than a colonoscopy.”

But there’s no mythology about the dangers of abortion for women. Women do suffer serious injuries from abortion and have died from legal abortion, but because the media fails to report these horrific stories, no one knows about them — women like Cree Erwin-Sheppard, Keisha Atkins, Holly Patterson, Laura Hope Smith, Marla Cardamone, Christin Gilbert, and Jennifer Morbelli. And there are many more names here:

Six percent of women who take the abortion pill end up in the emergency room with complications, while one study found that the emergency room visit rate for colonoscopy patients was just 1.05%. In addition, abortionist Dr. Curtis Boyd has admitted that with increased gestational age of the child, the risks of abortion for women increase. He said that with late-term abortion, “you’re more likely to have a hospitalization.” If abortion pill patients (the pill, for now, being taken early in pregnancy) have a 6% emergency room visit rate and the risk increases with gestational age, abortion does not appear to be safe at all for women.

(Warning: Images of abortion victims below)

Even when they don’t die, women can suffer life-changing injuries from abortion, as was the case for two women in 2020 who suffered at the hands of abortionist LeRoy Carhart. The ER doctors who helped to save these women said that patient #1’s injuries were “the most horrific thing I have ever seen.” Patient #2’s baby was pushed through a hole in her uterus and was still mostly intact except for a missing arm and portion of the spinal column. The woman had to undergo a hysterectomy. Hospital staff were so traumatized that they reportedly needed counseling after treating the women.

Abortion is not safe for women, but even if it were, there is one person it is never safe for: her baby. An abortion is not considered successful unless one person — an innocent child — dies as a direct result.

During CBS Mornings, host Gayle King tried to support Banks’ efforts by mentioning that “Call Jane” includes a scene in which abortion is described to be like “scooping out pumpkin seeds.” This is a far cry from the truth. A first-trimester D&C abortion involves suctioning the developing child from the womb with a force so strong that she is torn to pieces. The images below show the results of D&C abortion procedures.


An aborted fetus’s leg with thigh bone protruding. 8 weeks gestation. Photo courtesy of prolifesociety.com and imagesofabortion.com.


Likewise, a D&E abortion kills a child by tearing her arms and legs off of her torso before crushing her skull — nothing like scooping pumpkin seeds. The images below show the results of this procedure.

Face of aborted baby at 21 weeks (D&E procedure).

Baby girl dismembered – D.C.

Women deserve to know the truth about abortion and what it does to their children and to their own bodies. Banks and her pro-abortion Hollywood friends are failing women and children with every lie they share.

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