Electricity and Misogyny: Two things that abortion has to offer

So we’re burning babies to keep the lights on. No, that’s not a metaphor or a figure of speech–it’s a statement of fact. As Lauren Enriquez outlined recently, the Oregon Refuse and Recycling Association is bringing aborted corpses in from British Columbia and incinerating them at its Covanta Marion waste-to-energy facility. Given that the Canadian government places no gestational limits on when an abortion can be performed and fully funds the procedure, it seems that the electrical needs of Oregonians will be met for some time.

Children are the future...source of electricity.

Children are the future…source of electricity.

While this revelation has been shocking to some, the truth is that there’s nothing new about using broken bodies to sustain one’s lifestyle. In fact, the “bro-choice” movement is quite open about taking this approach, and it’s one that you’re paying for.

The bro-choice philosophy isn’t terribly complicated. It basically holds that women are similar to toilet paper: a product you use once and then throw away. Unfortunately, getting “down to pound whores” carries a risk that new lives (and financial obligations) will be created. That’s why abortion is essential to the bro-choice outlook. To quote Tucker Max’s sidekick, Nils Parker, “Any procedure that can erase a massive lapse in judgment while at the same time saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and no fewer than 18 years of responsibility for the welfare of another human being, and can be performed with what amounts to a Black & Decker wet/dry vac from your local Home Depot – that’s a procedure from which I can derive countless hours of entertainment.”

Of course, cajoling a woman into aborting your child is going to do some damage, with the most obvious victim being your son or daughter. If caught early enough, he or she can be killed via vacuum aspiration (i.e. being sucked out through a tube). However, a more drastic step be will required if the little tyke has chosen to complicate things by continuing to develop. By the second trimester, she or he will need to be pulled apart one piece at a time in a dilation & evacuation (D&E). Evidence that a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks is best ignored.

Harm also befalls the one getting the abortion. Sometimes this comes in the form of deadly complications, like those that killed Christin Gilbert. More often, though, the wounds take longer to show up. According to a study of Finnish women published in the British Medical Journal, abortion is associated with an elevated risk of suicide. Live Action contributor Jewels Green has been open about the emotional scars that she carries from being pressured into an abortion, writing of “overwhelming guilt” and dreaming of her “lost child.”

Building a lifestyle on a foundation of blood, tears, and body parts is a sizable task. The good news (for bro-choicers) is that they aren’t alone in this struggle. Every year, Planned Parenthood (America’s largest abortion provider) receives hundreds of millions in tax dollars, helping to ensure that manipulative men can continue to “get laid” at minimal risk. And bro-choicers aren’t the only ones who are favored by this arrangement: incestuous fathers, kidnappers, and pimps all benefit from it too.

The news that some of Oregon’s homes are being powered by abortion victims has sparked controversy. What should be even more controversial is the fact that a misogynistic lifestyle is being powered by tax funded abortions. Americans should hold pro-abortion politicians like senators Kay Hagan, Mark Udall, and Mark Begich accountable for this situation. After all, it’s disturbing enough that dead children are being used to generate electricity. It’s even worse that children are being killed to generate “entertainment” for men like Nils Parker.

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