Could this ‘graphic’ new anti-abortion ad change minds in South Carolina?

The Palmetto Family, the largest socially conservative group in South Carolina, has created a new anti-abortion campaign to help pass a bill that would ban late-term dismemberment abortions.

Bill H. 3548, also known as the Unborn Child Protection Against Dismemberment Abortion Act, was introduced to the South Carolina House on January 24, 2o17, and states that, if passed into law, any “physician who knowingly performs or attempts to perform a dismemberment abortion and thereby kills an unborn child unless necessary to prevent serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother is guilty of a felony and upon conviction must be fined ten thousand dollars or imprisoned for two years or both.”

The new ad has been called “graphic” and “not for the faint of heart,” which makes sense. After all, abortion is a horrific procedure. If something that is being done to another human being makes you cringe or turn away, it probably isn’t something that should be done. This is true of dismemberment abortion.


A dismemberment abortion, also known as a D&E (dilation and evacuation), involves pulling a preborn child apart limb from limb. It is a cruel and barbaric procedure which is explained in full detail in this Live Action video featuring former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino:


If the bill is passed, South Carolina will join a few other states in banning dismemberment abortion, including Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Other states have bans in the works or under court challenge.

Critics of the bill include Planned Parenthood, which performs 30 percent of the abortions in the United States. Laura McQuade, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, called the law “atrocious” and believes it is another attack in the so-called war on women. However, the only people who seem to be under attack here are preborn humans, capable of feeling pain.

Graphic anti-abortion advertisements may seem extreme to some people, but the truth is, if you don’t want to look because the images disturb you, then you should doing everything you can to help end abortion. Seeing the truth of what abortion does can help change minds about abortion, which Live Action demonstrated when it took its videos to the streets and showed pro-choice people the truth:

South Carolina’s latest anti-abortion ad might shock some people, but it may just shock them enough to save innocent lives.

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